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What is the Soccer Academy at the American Business School of Paris?

In partnership with HD Sport, the American Business School of Paris offers young soccer players the opportunity to pursue their passion and acquire expertise thanks to an education in international business in the American BBA program (Bachelor of Business Administration).

The American modular system makes it possible to take classes during the week, have daily practice sessions and participate in the French “grandes écoles” university championship.

In partnership with the CDFAS (High-Level Athletic Complex of Val d’Oise), highly skilled soccer players enrolled in the American Business School’s BBA program will benefit from exceptional facilities.

During their program, student-athletes will have the opportunity to study abroad, particularly in the United States under the framework of an exchange program with partner universities and business schools (one, two or three semesters).

At the end of the program’s 4th year, student-athletes will get their American BBA degree and French “Level-1 Certified International Manager” diploma registered in the RNCP (equivalent to the French Master’s 2 diploma).


The Soccer Academy at the American Business School of Paris has two goals:

  • On the one hand, make it possible for young, highly skilled soccer players to continue to develop their skills in an elite structure, with qualified coaching,
  • And on the other hand, provide an international higher education making it possible to acquire expertise and diplomas that are internationally recognized in international business.

Thanks to this “Soccer and Studies” program as well as the American academic system, soccer players can pursue their accession towards the highest level of the sport, simultaneously acquiring knowledge and professionally recognized expertise.

Weekly Athletic Schedule

Practice: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Group and individual sessions will make it possible for all players to develop their skills: Technically, Tactically, Physically and Mentally.

Competitions: Thursday afternoons
French “grandes écoles” university championship.


Practices will be led by State-certified educators, possessing solid experience in the field of training and coaching during a game.


Each student/player will be given their own equipment for practices and games. This equipment will be mandatory at practice and during games.

Example of a Regular Day

Every day, besides Thursdays, students enrolled in the Soccer Academy will have 3 hours of face-to-face class time with a teacher from the American Business School of Paris. The BBA program is divided up over 4 years, like in the United States, with the following cycles per year: