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Bachelor of Business Administration in Paris, France

Faites le choix d’un cursus d’école de commerce internationale après le Bac ou en admission parallèle qui garantira votre succès à l’international !

L’American Business School of Paris a pour ambition de vous accompagner dans cette démarche, à travers un cursus basé sur le système éducatif américain.

L’école propose 2 rentrées par an : une en septembre et une en février pour les étudiants qui souhaitent se réorienter en cours d’année.

abs bearsStudy for an international Bachelor in Business Administration in France, right after high school or as a transfer student in order to prepare for a global career and much future success in your professional endeavors!

Business School students know that they face a global job market today. To ensure your success in this ever-changing job market, the American Business School of Paris readies for this process, through an academic BBA based on the American higher education system.

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The American BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

What is a BBA ?

The diploma

The Bachelor of Business Administration, or BBA, is a 4-year undergraduate program recognized by companies worldwide.

The School’s program admits:

  • French High School Graduates and Undergraduate Transfer Students looking for an academic curriculum with an international scope,
  • International Studentswanting to study in Paris, with a curriculum based on the American system

BBA : an accredited program

In the United States

The American Business School BBA is accredited in the United States since 2004 by the IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education).
Download the annual report.

In France

The American Business School of Paris BBA program received French state recognition in 2009. This accreditation was renewed in 2012.
The program is recognized in France by the RNCP (French national directory of professional certification), titre “Manager à l’international, option Marketing-Vente, Gestion-Finance”, niveau II, arrêté du 27 nov.2012, JO 9 Décembre 2012, code NSF 310m.

Etudiants étrangers sur le campus Parodi

International Business Expertise

With more than 80 nationalities represented, internships and study semesters abroad (88 partner UNIVERSITIES), the American Business School of Paris offers an ideal multicultural environment for your Business studies.
Our BBA in France is structured around a core curriculum providing students with all the knowledge required for developing and managing a business. Students also benefit from professional experience in France or abroad, through mandatory internships.
All courses are given in English.


Each student has to choose a major during their BBA junior year (BBA 3) :

  • International Finance
  • International Business
  • International Marketing

Students also have the opportunity to obtain a double major by taking specific courses at one of the American Business School of Paris’ partner UNIVERSITIES

2 Admission Periods Per Year

The BBA program in Paris offers two admission periods per year:

  • The Fall Semester (September to December)
  • The Spring Semester (end of January to mid-May).
  • Application for Spring admissions: Open as of October – Deadline for International applicants: November 30th
  • Application for Fall admissions: Open as of January – Deadline for International applicants: May 31st

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