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Business leaders today understand that their responsibilities have evolved from management and oversight, to innovation and profitability across the enterprise. As result, many are seeking to deepen their understanding of industry and commerce in today’s highly competitive landscape. Today’s managers are working towards leadership roles that encompass best practices, change and process management, and innovations to operational methodologies.


In addition, thought leaders and pioneers in their field are looking to branch out to influence the up-and-coming business leaders of tomorrow. By leading the way through excellence standards in education, business educators help shape tomorrow innovators, thought leaders, and strategists.


In partnership with Franklin University, the DBA program at ABS Paris guides students to develop important research and writing skills to publish a dissertation as a capstone to the program. Dissertations showcase the unique abilities of the students to identify forward-thinking topics of interest and develop and implement solutions to a problem.

A DBA qualification prepares graduates to run major international companies or teach at prestigious business schools. Influential top executives can negotiate contracts that effect industries, while business school professors work diligently with college students to shape the future of the business world. Expected job growth for graduates with DBA qualifications is more than 9% over the next 10 years.