The online MBA program consists of 11 courses (36 credit hours) that include 6 core business fundamentals courses, 3 leadership specialization courses, and 2  capstone courses. The core courses should be completed prior to the leadership specialization courses which should be completed before the capstone courses.

Core Courses (6 courses, 3-credit hours each, 18 credit hours Total):

  1. Business Communication
  2. Principles of Management
  3. Accounting, Finance, and Capital Markets
  4. Economics
  5. Marketing
  6. Global Business

Leadership Specialization (3 courses, 3-credit hours each, 9 credit hours Total):

  1. Entrepreneurism and Family Business
  2. Organizational Leadership
  3. Strategic Leadership

MBA Thesis (2 courses, one 3-credit hours and one 6-credit hours, 9 credit hours Total):

  1. Research Methods and Statistics
  2. MBA Thesis or Internship/Practicum report

One week in Paris


Online MBA students launch their program by spending the first week on the ABS Paris campus integrating into the academic life. Students are provided with accommodation and a full schedule of networking, corporate events, career development workshops, and introductions to their peers and online tutors. At the end of their program, students have the option to return to Paris to present their thesis or internship analysis report, as well as to revisit with their peers and online tutors. In addition, students have the option to return to Paris for supplementary program weeks to participate in extra networking events and career development activities.