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Professions for MBA

Professions for MBA graduates in Geopolitics & International Business

Trained to innovate, manage in an intercultural environment and develop international business, the MBA graduates in Geopolitics can work in the following positions:

  • Business developer
  • Import-export large accounts manager
  • Innovation manager
  • Geopolitical and international affairs consultant
  • Public relations director
  • International partnerships director
  • HR international mobility manager
  • International communications director


Professions for MBA graduates in Entrepreneurship & International Business Development

Trained to be creative, innovative and business developers, the MBA graduates in Entrepreneurship can work in the following positions:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Innovation manager
  • Business developer
  • Interim management department director
  • Business development director (local and international)
  • Communications director
  • Business planning consultant
  • International Business Development consultant