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3 simple tips on how to enhance your employability

While there is no doubt that higher education courses and qualifications play an important role in achieving your goals in the near future, it is also true that in today’s competitive landscape of careers and businesses, having a degree is no longer enough. Now, more than ever, good employability is what will make you reach your professional goals. So what can you do to enhance your chances of success? Here are 3 ways you can start improving your employability starting from today!

1.    Developing employability trough volunteer experience

During any recruitment process you need to articulate all the skills you have developed and not just those from classes. According to many recent studies, 90% of recruiters believe that volunteer experience has a great effect on career progression. Whatever your motivation is, there is no doubt that volunteer work can bring a great value to you, but also to people you are helping. You’ll offer yourself a chance to develop new skills, to extend your network, to build your personality and to gain experience.

2.    Use social media to make connections and promote yourself

From Facebook pages to LinkedIn groups and Tweeter feeds, social media platforms are the most powerful tool to boost your employability. A recent study found that nearly 80% of jobs are secured by making contact with HR and recruiters in companies where job seekers think they would like to work. It is a great idea, therefore, to spend some time finding out the name of companies you are interested in working for and then look for employees and recruiters that currently work there. Social media platforms allow you to write or call contacts you don’t already know. You can also post some premium content related to your area of expertise.

3.    Create a striking CV to get picked by companies you’re interested in

Before you apply to any job, you should spend some time to compile the companies you are interested in working for. Find out what does the company do? Which markets does it operate within? What products or services does it sell? What skills and experiences the HR staff value? Adjust your resume to suit the job description and the company you are applying for.

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