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Why International Students Pay More for Rents Than Locals ?


Meet Brittany Dunnington, Study Abroad student in 2015 at ABSParis


While it seems like it was just last semester that my time at the American Business School of Paris began, it has already been nearly 4 years since my first study abroad exchange from San Francisco State University. I thought this was going to be a one-time study abroad experience,
but my time in Paris has developed from having an idea of carrying out my academic and professional career in France to actually following through and working my way back here. I am now working towards my MBA in Paris while being part of an entrepreneurial project that focuses on helping internationals get access to quicker housing through having a personal guarantor in France. I am a huge advocate for studying abroad and greatly enjoy helping others make their way over to France because it is far more attainable than students realize. I am the living proof after all!


Along with all the excitement that you feel with knowing that you’ll be moving abroad soon,
there’s also this encumbering feeling of panic on how you’ll get a place to live. It wasn’t that
long ago that I faced the same obstacle of getting an apartment in Paris. In fact, it’s still an
obstacle I face today because I do not have a personal, French guarantor. The first time I moved
to Paris, I used an agency which charged a large percentage of the rent and left me with very
little money, which I had worked for and saved the summer prior to leaving. So from the very
beginning of my stay, I was already low on finances. What’s more, through the agencies and
without a French guarantor, my search for housing was restricted. I was only directed to rental
agencies with a short list of apartments that were outside of my budget. However, now I have
options and so do other students who are facing the ache of getting an apartment in France. : Financial services for international students


Even though your parents are able to be your guarantor in the states, it’s just not enough for
French property owners to accept you. And this is where Supergarant steps in, we become the
guarantor that’s “better than your parents!” What most people are unaware of is that a company can act as your guarantor, which is what many people do when they are sponsored by a French company that they’re working for, however, that won’t be the case for students. Students only have a few options when searching for a place to live which typically begins and ends with a tourist rental agency. Supergarant allows for internationals to have a personal guarantor for long-stays (6 months or longer) without needing to be in contract with a company nor the high, upfront costs that one might expect when initially moving to France.


Even to this day, I still cringe at how much money I lost to the rental agency on top of the money I had to pay for the apartment itself. I worked an entire summer to save enough for an apartment only to have the agency overcharge for just completing paperwork. If there was any headache that I wish could have been solved when I first studied abroad, it would have been having better and quicker access to a larger rental community. And with Supergarant, the doors are always open.