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In addition to our educational campus in the heart of Paris, the IGS Group also offers to its students an athletic complex in Ermont-Eaubonne (25 minutes from Paris) in partnership with CDFAS (Departmental Center for Athletic Training and Events)

First-class athletic equipment, fields and courts for basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, track and field, gymnastics, etc. are all available for our students.

Students from the American Business School of Paris can participate with other students from the IGS Group in a one of the following sports, supervised by trainers and coaches:

  • Basketball (men’s/women’s teams),
  • Football,
  • Volleyball (men’s/women’s teams)
  • Golf, etc.

The basketball and football teams are highly ranked in the Ile de France (Parisian region) inter-university division.

Educational scholarships are offered to exceptionally talented athletic students.

Athletics at ABS