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Welcome to the American Business School of Paris


The American Business School of Paris offers a curriculum based on the American education system.

The program admits:

  • French high school graduates and students who want to follow an international curriculum,
  • International students who want to follow an American curriculum in Paris.

Etudiants american business school

International approach and multicultural environment

An intercultural setting

“The American Business School of Paris attracts students from all over the world. This multicultural environment allows you to interact and work with people from diverse cultural backgrounds on a daily basis.

In addition to developing academic and vocational excellence, you will acquire unique intercultural management skills, a real benefit for a career with an international focus. Developing a global mind is a major asset for success in a competitive job market.

Study abroad for one or several semesters, in the U.S. or the rest of the world, and increase your international scope.

Become a citizen of the world: join the American Business School of Paris community!”

Fady Fadel, Ph.D., Dean


Benefit from the best American and French practices

Highly effective teaching methods

“In partnership with U.S. universities, the American Business School of Paris has adopted the
American higher educational system, recognized worldwide.

The business school combines interactive project-based teaching with an extra-curricular program that allows you to develop your personality, independence and sense of initiative.

To facilitate your transition into the workplace, the American Business School of Paris has also adopted French best training practices:

  • internships
  • seminars
  • individual coaching

Get the best of both worlds: join the American Business School of Paris!”

Sara Pax, Associate Dean


Vision statement and mission statement

Vision statement

The American Business School of Paris brings together students and its community from all over the world to create a multicultural, diverse and innovative learning environment preparing graduates to assume leadership positions and build successful careers in their home countries and abroad.

Mission statement

The mission of The American Business School of Paris is to educate and empower future international business leaders to acquire the necessary skill set to think independently and creatively, to address complex business issues, and to successfully collaborate in multicultural teams. We continuously develop our academic standards to ensure a relevant and innovative curriculum that instills respect and tolerance for diversity together with high ethical standards. Across all our programs, we collaborate closely with our corporate community to ensure inspiring and varied opportunities for the professional development of our students.