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Before the lockdown began, The American Business School of Paris had already adapted by setting up protocols so the ABSParis’ team could keep working, students could finish their courses, and candidates could complete their applications to the school without any interruption.


The ABSParis’ team started working remotely on March 16th. They were able to take advantage of all the available Tools and technology to make sure they work efficiently, and that the school keeps running smoothly. The team meets regularly to check in and update each other.



In addition to continuing its activity, the school has introduced new programs which are currently accepting applications. The new programs are:

  • Bachelor in Sports Management: a program for those who want to combine their studies with ongoing sports training and competition.
  • Business & Golf Academy: in partnership with altus performance, a program designed for students who want to develop their skills in international business while also maintaining a high level of golf performance.
  • Master of Science in Digital Marketing: a master’s program for recent graduates looking to develop their skills in marketing and new digital innovations.
  • Freshman Program: study at ABSParis for a semester or a year and transfer your crédits to an American university of your choice once the coronavirus crisis is over.


At the beginning of March, the American Business School of Paris set up a crisis unit to face the growing emergency caused by COVID-19 pandemic. The school was able to anticipate the lockdown and prepare for remote teaching to avoid any interruption in instruction and learning.

Classes resumed after the planned Spring Break and students quickly adapted to the new teaching methods, even though many had travelled home to their families and were now located in different time zones around the world, adding an further complicating dimension to the challenge of remote teaching. However, students rose to the challenge and worked together with their professors and peers to successfully complete their courses and group projects.


“This transition has definitely been hard for everyone. Especially, with the suddenness of all these events. I would like to start by thanking our teachers, but also the school for the tremendous effort they have put into this! Setting up a remote teaching plan for students that are now located on several continents is tricky. However, ABS teachers were able to set up various systems to maintain the quality of their courses. Personally, I feel like our teachers have become more than just teachers. They are now our coaches for entering the workplace. I am grateful for the support that the ABS community has provided. But even more, I am proud to be part of such a strong community.” Eva Panyasiri.


“Remote learning definitely does have its challenges in terms of being able to focus & stay on schedule in the comfort of your home. However, I greatly appreciate the efforts that have been made by the ABS faculty. The communication has been very effective through different platforms and have included WhatsApp groups for additional support. The quality of the courses has also been maintained over the period of remote learning. The transition by all the Professors has made things simple & easy to understand and keep up with. I’m really grateful & satisfied by the quick actions taken to make sure each student was able to finish their semester regardless of their geographical location.” Sonia Batool.


“It’s been month since we all had to adapt to online courses. Home classes don’t change me much, except that I have to rigorously plan my day! We can see a real effort from teachers, setting up weekly lessons and live sessions on online platforms. But my biggest shout-out, is to my fellow classmates, proving every day how invested and hardworking they are during complicated times.” Valentin Thomas.


For teachers it was also a challenge. They took advantage of all the technology available to set up the best options for students to continue their classes remotely. Two of ABSParis teachers, Danny Rukavina and Catherine Berasategui, created videos to explain how they adapted their classes, and the feedback they have been receiving from students about this transition to remote teaching.



The Corporate Relations Department has rethought the internship obligation to make sure students can complete their requirements for graduation. The school created a process with its partner companies to ensure students can begin their professional life despite current challenges. Companies agreed to give opportunities to students to work on custom research projects that companies can use to develop strategy and communications as the pandemic eases.

Watch the video of ABSParis Head of Corporate Relations & Partnerships Pascale Ginet.