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ABSParis – Why a new logo?

For the past several years, the American Business School of Paris has been experiencing a very positive dynamic and its American positioning has been strengthened through its pedagogy, diplomas, accreditations as well as its global drawing power. Consequently, we felt that it was necessary to adjust the logo in such a way that it reflects this dynamic and positioning with an “American” message.



It’s really the same message, but with a new logo.
Indeed, the American Business School of Paris is an American, French and international school. Thanks to its American educational identity and French – one could even say, Parisian – roots, ABSParis attracts more than 500 foreign students from more than 70 different countries each year. We wanted the new logo to demonstrate this dual affiliation that attracts students from all over the world and provides them with international opportunities and careers.
The stars refer to our American identity. The Eiffel Tower recalls the impact of the societal environment on the school and vice versa. The globe makes reference to the school’s universal character and the promised careers abroad. The colors are those of the French and American flags.
Lastly, we wanted to include the fact that the school was founded in 1985. That’s quite recent if we compare it to American universities from the 18th and 19th centuries, nevertheless, over the past 35 years it has started to accumulate a history as well as a prestigious and reassuring track record if we compare it to other European schools.

Towards which horizons would you like to steer the American Business School of Paris? What is its future?


First of all, the American Business School of Paris is a community; I am not spearheading this initiative alone. This community consists of the larger IGS Group family, the school’s alumni, the teaching and administrative staff, students and partners. All of us would like to steer the American Business School of Paris towards a culture of efficiency, which unifies several paradigms (a quality American education, international opportunities, French affiliation, Corporate partnerships, etc.). The ultimate goal being: the well-being of our students and their professional development in a career that is coherent with their core profession: Entrepreneur, Manager, Consultant, Executive, Educator, etc.


Dean Fady Fadel, Ph.D.