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The 3-year Bachelor in Sports Management from the American Business School of Paris is an American degree for anyone interested in pursuing an athletic career or a career in a sports-related field.

This program is designed to make it possible for students to continue to play sports while pursuing a related business education.

Thanks to our partnership with the CDFAS, an elite athletic center in the Val d’Oise, the American Business School of Paris is able to provide you with this opportunity.


The Bachelor in Sports Management proposed by the American Business School of Paris includes an adapted schedule that enables you to combine your passion in sports with a sports-focused education in international business.

The objective of this program is to provide you with all the skills and competencies necessary so that, upon graduation, you will be able to pursue a career in the international world of sports.


Students who enroll in the Bachelor in Sports Management program also have the opportunity to Apply for athletic scholarship and receive tuition discounts according to their competitive performance.


All of the classes at the American Business School of Paris are taught in English, preparing students for an international career with strong English language skills.
The school has more than 100 partner universities around the world facilitating exchanges and study abroad experiences.

The program


Students completing the Bachelor in Sports Management earn a dual degree from the American Business School of Paris: an American diploma certified by the IACBE and a French degree equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in partnership with the ICD, one of the IGS group’s member schools.

Students will receive a level-II French “Commercial Development and Marketing Director” diploma issued by ICD and registered in the RNCP (National Registry for Professional Certification), by decree from May 26, 2016, published in the Official Journal on June 2016, NSF code 310/313, CPF Code 228168.