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DBA, combining academic knowledge and professional practice for career development

In partnership with Franklin University, the DBA program helps students in acquiring high-level research skills. The final objective will be to write a thesis paper. At the end of the DBA, postdocs will be able to take over strategic functions in companies in both France and abroad.

Discover the DBA

An important indicator for employers



Obtaining a DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) provides operational knowledge and demonstrates perfect professional expertise. Qualities recognized by executives who are in search for reliable colleagues.

For recruiters, this is a key element in someone’s background. Indeed, it not only touches upon know-how, but social skills and a real desire to perform as well. Graduates will soon see new opportunities open up before them in multiple sectors.

A DBA is thus a real boost in terms of career opportunities. It can lead to strategic positions in various fields, whether in the private or public sectors in France or abroad.

New skills for future opportunities

Making the decision to enroll in an DBA, is an unquestionable investment in the future:

  • First, the future of the company and its stakes, since the graduate will bring new and in-depth skills in order to help the company evolve. It represents a considerable added value for an organization. Consequently, for three years, the manager/student will conduct comprehensive research related to an issue in their company. A new vision will therefore make it possible for the structure to become even more effective.
  • Secondly, the future of the employee whose professional expertise combined with this research will open them up to new horizons and a different vision that will strengthen their abilities and skills.


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