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The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA), the diploma for managers on a quest for excellence



  • You are passionate about sharing your knowledge and you would like to publish,
  • You would like to improve and help your organization evolve,
  • Would you like to perfect your performance while maintaining your work rhythm and professional life?

The American Business School of Paris offers you the opportunity to join its exclusive Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) program.


What is the DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration)?


The DBA is a doctoral degree whose structure and program were adapted to the obligations of professional managers. Indeed, a traditional Doctorate involves full time work over three years. A complicated obligation for professionals to undertake.

The DBA, was therefore conceived in order to:

  • combine the expectations of the Doctorate with managerial practices
  • respect the professional rhythm of those involved in the program.

The DBA is consequently acquired over three years and truly integrates both teaching and practical application.

A DBA from the ABSParis, a dual diploma with Franklin University (US)



The international business world is waiting for professionals with in-depth qualifications. The Doctorate is consequently a diploma that is in high demand at companies.

What are the professional opportunities after a DBA?

The fact that the American Business School of Paris’s DBA is in partnership with Franklin University in Ohio makes it possible for doctoral students to benefit from a well-known dual diploma, one that highlights their background. Indeed, it truly is a 100% American degree. This specificity of the DBA makes it unique.


Dual diploma with Franklin University

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Franklin University is one of the largest universities in its State. Founded in 1902, it has more than 45,000 alumni. At the cutting-edge of education, it is accredited by the very prestigious HLC (Higher Learning Commission). The American Business School of Paris has created an exclusive partnership with this university to the advantage of its graduates.




Who is the DBA meant for?




You are a working professional (head of a company, senior executive, consultant, teacher or lecturer) and are interested in the DBA. In order to apply, you must:

  • Have earned a Master’s 2 degree or equivalent + 5 years of professional experience in the field
  • GPA of 3.0 or equivalent
  • Have operational knowledge of English, both written and oral
  • Have the technical ability to take an online program


You would like to respond to a specific and comprehensive issue in your organization. You would like to help develop the skills of your employees in order to gain in performance or you would like to offer a new challenge to the best profiles in your company. In order to submit an application, contact us.



DBA’s financing

The educational cost of the DBA can be handled in several ways. Consequently, the cost of the program may be:

  • covered by the company through the employee’s training plan or the continuing education account,
  • covered by the company under the framework of a development project under which they will reap the benefits of the doctoral research,
  • financed by the student’s own means.

An Investment for the Future

Deciding to enroll an employee in a DBA is a strategic decision for a company. Indeed, the latter is going to invest in this program in order to further develop and significantly advance performance-wise.

The DBA is a program that is staggered over 3 years. The program costs €34,000 and is divided up as follows:

  • €12,000 the first year
  • €12,000 the second year
  • €10,000 the last year.

A DBA is therefore a considerable added-value source for a company. For the program’s 3 years, the manager conducts research related to their company. The latter thus benefits from advanced work supervised by specialized referents. Resulting from this research will be:

  • new ideas,
  • new tools to be directly implemented in the workplace,
  • and important advantages for the company.