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Why a Freshman Program at ABSParis ?

freshman program

Faced with the uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be worried that the start of your Freshman year could be delayed. Having the opportunity to start your studies on time, knowing that your course credits are transferrable and that the program you’re taking matches program curricula across many colleges and universities internationally, is crucial in making the right decision for your future.

ABSParis is the number one school for Americans studying in France because we offer courses that are equivalent to courses at US-based universities and that are easily transferable. In response to the current crisis, we are expanding and extending our Freshman Year to students who are worried that they won’t be able to start their freshman classes in the US because of restrictions due to COVID-19.

The American Business School of Paris delivers IACBE-accredited programs based on the American system of evaluation and credits. Founded in 1985, ABS Paris offers an American-style experience to an international student population in the heart of Paris. Class timetables, course syllabus, teaching styles, evaluations, academic support, and student engagement are all equivalent to the American university experience and are taught 100% in English. Each semester, students complete courses that are easily transferable and proven to be equivalent to similar institutions in the USA.


ABS Paris offers a wide range of entry-level courses that fulfill Freshman requirements including :

  • Academic Methodology (ENGL101, 3 credits)
  • English Composition (ENGL120, 3 credits)
  • Pre-calculus and Calculus (MATH110 and MATH120, 3 credits)
  • Macro and Micro Economics (ECON110 and ECON120, 3 credits)
  • Foundations of Management (MGMT101, 3 credits)
  • Computer Applications (COMP120, 3 credits)
  • Public Speaking (COMM130, 3 credits)
  • Introduction to Psychology (PSYC110, 3 credits)

In addition, the ABS Paris curriculum offers a variety of electives and other entry-level courses such as:

  • Principles of Marketing (MKTG130, 3 credits)
  • International Business (MGMT180, 3 credits)
  • Elementary French (FREN110, 6 credits)
  • History of Art, Literature and Photography (ARTS113, 3 credits)
  • Fashion & Textile Trends through the Ages (MKTG215, 3 credits)
  • Intercultural Studies (MGMT110, 3 credits)
  • Principles of Financial Accounting (ACCT111, 3 credits)

Transfer your credits to USA

ABSParis provides you with a secure backup plan to make sure that you start your freshman year on time. We offer a suite of standard freshman courses that are easily transferable to US universities with the same formats, the same credits, and the same academic standards as many US universities. You can take courses from September to December 2020 or from September to May 2021 at ABSParis and then transfer them to the US university without losing any time.

ABS Paris will work with you to ensure that your credits are transferable. We can guarantee that all the credits will be transferred if you go to one of our partner universities in New York, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, California, etc. We can also support you as you contact the US university where you are already accepted and get assurances from them that your credits are eligible to be transferred at the end of your semester/year at ABSParis.

Sports Academy

Sports activities are offered through our Sports Academy at our sports campus at CDFAS, recently chosen to be the official training facilities of the American Olympic team for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. The CDFAS campus is 30 minutes from the main Paris campus and offers a full range of training and coaching support.

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