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International Summer program in Paris

Discover Paris during the Summer:

The American Business School of Paris gives you the opportunity to study in Paris for one or two months during the summer. Come and enjoy the City of Lights as it gradually adopts a more leisurely pace come summertime. Pursuing a summer program in France is a great way to discover Paris and its famous landmarks differently, while studying international business. And no matter where you live in Paris, you won’t be far from a sunny “café terrasse” or a tantalizing traditional “pâtisserie”. You’ll see that there’s no better place to spend your summer!

For more information, please contact Marie-Odile SAVARIT,

Exclusive summer program!

European Business Strategies

  • Case studies, group work, and continuous assessments are focused on current challenges within the European business market.
  • Our courses examine EU policy in trade, management, finance, and communication.

Fashion & Luxury Management

  • France is the global leader in the fashion and luxury retail market with a 29% share in this €212 billion industry. Our summer program in France exposes our international students to the possibilities of a career in this highly globalized industry.

Cultural Experience

  • The American Business School of Paris organizes cultural and historic visits, theater outings, guided visits to museums (Versailles, Grand Palais, Museum of Modern Art, etc.), as well as traditional bakeries, historic restaurants and castles.
  • In addition, trips and excursions are organized for students by students.

Who Can Attend our summer program in Paris?

Students from the American Business School of Paris
Students from partner universities
Students from other universities in France or abroad

Program Dates:

The summer session will be from May, 22nd, 2017 to June, 30th, 2017.

The “Career & Culture” extension program will be from July, 3rd, 2017 to July, 13th, 2017.

Course Selection:

In order to pursue a summer program at the American Business School of Paris, students choose 2 courses* for the summer session.

Summer session :

  •  ECON110: Microeconomics
  •  MGMT215: Organizational Behavior
  •  MKTG240: Consumer Behavior
  • POLS211: International Relations and European Strategies
  •  MGMT375: International Corporate Governance
  •  MGMT444: Doing Business in Asia
  •  MKTG395: Behavioral Economics
  •  MKTG401: Strategic Brand Management

*Course lists subject to change

“Career & Culture” extension program (optional) :

The objectives of this extension program are to expose students to areas that they would normally not have access to – cultural, language, career development, and more – and to leverage their time in Paris. The Summer program allow students to enrich their study abroad experience by going beyond the typical classroom into the community and business world that surrounds them. This program includes :

  • cultural and corporate visits
  • professional workshops
  • guest speakers
  • business French classes

This optional program gives you the opportunity to validate 2 academic credits if the student chose to take an exam about the program and passes it !

Download the summer 2019 Course Catalog

Application Deadline*:

Summer session and “Career & Culture” extension program : April 1st, 2017
*The student’s home institution deadline may be different than the ones of The American Business School of Paris.

Summer session fees:

  • Tuition fees, for one summer session (2 courses): €2,395
    • Includes an excursion to Versailles and other cultural visits
    • Career development seminars
    • Airport transfers in Paris
    • an all-inclusive week-end in Reims (from June, 17th to 18th)
  • Additional course : €890
  • “Career & Culture” extension program : €549
  • Housing fees per session:
    • Home Stay: from €1,267 to €1,564 (depending on the number of meals per week)
    • Double Occupancy Studio: €1,100 per person
    • Single Occupancy Studio: €1,650



What to do in Paris in the summertime?

Outside of courses, you will have a lot of time to enjoy yourself in Paris in the summer! Here are a few things that you should consider doing to make the most out of your time there.

The 14th of July is the national day of France: Bastille Day, that commemorates the storming of the Bastille political prison during the French Revolution. Every year, celebrations are held throughout the country, but the largest and most impressive are in Paris. The day starts with a long military parade in the morning. In the night, a large concert followed by magnificent fireworks above the Eiffel Tower is set at the Champ-de-Mars. If you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate and go see it!

Every year, in the 21st of June, the Fête de la Musique (Music Day) is held. This international day first came into existence in France, before spreading throughout the world. In Paris, the tradition is strong and you will see many concerts in the streets, concert halls, pubs and many other places! All musical genres are allowed, you only need to find the right concert for you!

Summer is also the best season to cruise the Seine river. Get onboard a “bâteau-mouche” (a “fly boat”, referring to the insect) from which you can enjoy the scenery and discover Paris from another perspective!

…not forgetting the many public parks and all the great museums or monuments that you can visit everywhere in the city! Paris is like an open museum, with many ancient buildings that made it famous. Do not forget: outside of Paris, there are also many things to visit, such as the château de Vincennes or the famous Palace of Versailles!

During your summer program in Paris, you will have a lot of things to enjoy and memories to make!