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Now you can join an American business school without leaving Paris

join an American business school without leaving Paris

Part of IGS Group, the American Business School (ABS) is a pioneer in reverse pedagogy, an approach inspired by the North American model. Since its creation in 1985, the management school has developed its brand internationally and now welcomes students from all over the world to pursue their higher education based on the American curriculum, while benefiting both from the quality of life offered by Paris and the professional opportunities available in France.

The best of Made in America pedagogy!

The American Business School operates according to a modular and flexible system. The school is a pioneer in reverse pedagogy, which it has adopted since it opened its doors in 1985. Students at ABS are in charge of their own training. More specifically, they prepare the courses at home, and once in class, students and teachers have a great time brainstorming over the elements they’ve built and studied at home. The work is done in groups, around a common project. This aims to upturn the practices currently employed in mainstream schools and give students a taste for teamwork. This innovative pedagogy takes up 15 hours a week, which is an excellent way for students to develop their critical thinking and analytical skills, among other soft skills that employers are looking for. In addition, students learn the basics of debate and exchange of views and seem to gain in maturity and self-confidence! They thus get well prepared for the professional world.

In order for this pedagogy to be effective, it goes hand in hand with personalized support, once again based on American educational methods, and in an atmosphere marked by the spirit of service and responsibility. The only objective that motivates ABS teachers is the success of their students!

An international school with more than 80 nationalities represented

The group projects on which the school’s students work focus on practical and company cases projects. In this way, our students are able to better understand the organizational constraints and business realities of companies. This will dispel any difficulties or apprehension either related to the field of study or the world of entrepreneurship in general. Students are thus ready, once they graduate, to take their destiny into their own hands and easily overcome any obstacles they may encounter in the professional world. In addition, ABS is an international school that promotes diversity. By working in multicultural teams, students significantly improve their adaptability and open-mindedness. These are essential qualities for young people who want to have an experience abroad.

The rise of the middle classes in many parts of the world is opening up new horizons for young people from developing countries who want to pursue their studies in France. But the international geopolitical context, marked by Brexit and the arrival of Donald Trump in the White House, which was accompanied by a tightening of the United States’ migration policy, was a godsend for France, whose higher education offer has become more attractive. Especially since schools like the American Business School, precisely, manage to position themselves as an attractive and credible alternative for those who wish to follow a training based on the American curriculum, without crossing the ocean. It must be said that the open-mindedness of the French people and their social skills never ceases to seduce. Students from English-speaking countries, for their part, will not feel disoriented, while having the opportunity to learn the language of Molière, which is a strong asset in the business world.

Last but not least, our students benefit from a double recognition on both sides of the Atlantic: the French and American diplomas are both of the same level. In France, the programs are accredited (title 1 for the BBA), while in the United States, they are accredited by the IACBE and recognized by the CHEA/Bachelors and MBA.