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The Bachelor in Fashion, Luxury & Retail Management


The American Business School of Paris’s professional Bachelor in Luxury, Fashion and Retail Management prepares you for the operational marketing jobs in fashion and luxury. In addition to an internationally-oriented curriculum, you will be operating at the heart of a sector that is both dynamic and representative of French know-how. Paris is indeed THE capital of luxury and fashion!

The luxury bachelor’s degree in detail

During your Bachelor in Fashion, Luxury & Retail Management at the American Business School of Paris, you will have the opportunity to acquire all the skills that you need to start your project in the luxury field. And to prepare you for jobs in this perennial sector, which is by the way showing constant growth with great professional opportunities, you will follow your training exclusively in English, with an active pedagogy based on the American educational system.

Your training will be completed thanks to semesters of study, as well as internships abroad, giving you the edge in the labour market.  At the end of your Bachelor degree, you will obtain the Certified Diploma of Business Development and Marketing Manager acknowledged by the French government.

Here are some of the courses that you will attend:

  • The Fashion Business Revolution;
  • Sales Techniques for Luxury Brands;
  • Made in Paris: Luxury Quality Management;
  • Fashion & Textile Trends through the Ages;
  • e-commerce & e-business;
  • Luxury Cross Channel Marketing;

How to access to the Bachelor in Fashion, Luxury & Retail Management

You can access the American Business School of Paris’s luxury Bachelor degree upon graduation. However, you should expect a thorough study of your grades, besides several tests such as a motivational interview in English as well as a TOEFL test (Test of English Foreign Language). You can join the program either in September or January.

As for the fee, the yearly fee for a European student is 8,960 euros, with a registration fee of 320 euros. It is also possible to register for individual courses. Other fees may be added depending on your situation and the additional options you may choose.

Why choose the luxury sector for your studies in Paris?

The luxury sector is growing worldwide. By choosing to study at the American Business School of Paris, you are also choosing to be at the heart of this sector: France is indeed the world leader in luxury goods, with a 29% market share!

Thus, luxury holds an important place in the French economy, with a real influence on the international scene. With several billion euros, it even outshines the traditionally “heavy weight” sectors such as auto and aeronautic industries. According to a study carried out by Deloitte in 2019, Global Powers of Luxury Goods, France has 9 groups in this world ranking, 7 of which account for 23.5% of the total turnover of the 100 ranked companies.

By being in the capital of fashion and luxury goods, you will have the opportunity to work with the biggest names, and to build a significant professional network that could prove extremely valuable for your career.

Do you wish to join the American Business School of Paris and pursue a Bachelor in Fashion, Luxury & Retail Management? Contact us without further delay, and take part in the adventure!