23 April 2021

How to manage efficiently in a context of uncertainty?

Management in times of crisis calls for the company’s ability to manage uncertainty and cope with the unknown. During the Covid-19 pandemic and the professional constraints it caused, the role of managers proved to be decisive in the process of […]

6 April 2021

Businesses and NGOs are embracing cryptocurrencies

Startups and humanitarian organizations seem to be increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies, both to access funding and donations but also as a new secure payment method. It must be said that the virtual currency has many advantages, such as lower fees […]

15 March 2021

Corporate responsibility towards ecological and ethical challenges

Corporate responsibility is a question of balance: it is about reconciling the interests of the company with those of the social body in which it operates, in a context of mutual dependence. Companies need a healthy and dynamic social body […]

5 March 2021

USA: What will Biden’s win change in the economic, political and health context?

For the first time in a decade, a Democratic president is supported by both houses of Congress, albeit with a narrow majority. Joe Biden has inherited a complicated political and economic environment, especially since his election comes in the midst […]

3 March 2021

Paris, world capital of luxury, design and fashion

Paris, the City of Light, is a capital that makes people dream all over the world! Indeed, the city has several assets to highlight and check all the right boxes: in addition to its unique architectural and cultural heritage, Paris […]

1 March 2021

The « Service France Garanti » quality label reinforces the competitiveness of French companies

The « Pro France » association strives to promote the “Brand France”. In fact, France is a great example of how a country can work on its “brand” to attract investors. The “Pro France” recently announced the implementation of a […]

25 February 2021

Education, economics and the political system in the United States

The United States is a fascinating, multi-faceted country that appeals to students from all over the world. Its history, economy, culture and the famous American dream contribute to Uncle Sam’s global reach. The American Business School of Paris invites you […]

22 February 2021

Professionalization: the spearhead of the American Business School of Paris!

The American Business School of Paris has always strived to provide you with solid training, designed in accordance with the American educational system and with an emphasis on professionalization. Our students have the best chance of benefiting from a high-quality […]

18 February 2021

MBA in Entrepreneurship and International Business Development

Are you an entrepreneurial enthusiast? Do you want to create or take over a company? Then you will need to develop some key knowledge and skills to succeed in this exciting adventure! Why not take the MBA in Entrepreneurship and […]

15 February 2021

Analyzing the Anglo-Saxon managerial model

There is a gap between French and Anglo-Saxon management, to say the least. In fact, works in management sciences have compared these two management styles which differ on many points! Do you know these points of divergence and the strengths […]