16 April 2020

The influence of the American education system

Flexible curricula, huge research budgets, exceptional university campuses, tutoring, an efficient integration system, and a whole lot of Nobel Prize winners! These are just a few of the many things that make the American education system one of the best […]

15 April 2020

What do you know about India?

India is a huge and fascinating country. How about discovering it yourself? Well, that’s exactly what the American Business School of Paris is inviting you to do. You wish to know more about this federal republic, which according to the […]

10 April 2020

France post-Brexit: economic challenges

  The United Kingdom exited the European Union following the referendum of June 23rd, 2016. Since then, a withdrawal agreement has been found, and the UK finally left Europe on February 1st 2020. The Brexit has impacted several European countries, […]

16 March 2020

The Bachelor in Fashion, Luxury & Retail Management

The American Business School of Paris’s professional Bachelor in Luxury, Fashion and Retail Management prepares you for the operational marketing jobs in fashion and luxury. In addition to an internationally-oriented curriculum, you will be operating at the heart of a […]

10 March 2020

French companies: a success that is confirmed internationally

Each year, CCI France International rewards the success of French companies abroad, by awarding them performance trophies abroad. This is an opportunity for us to return to the prowess of our national champions on the international markets. Let’s take a […]

16 January 2020

All you need to know about the International Corporate Volunteering (ICV)

International Corporate Volunteering is one of the simplest and most popular ways for graduates to live a professional experience abroad. This is a temporary job lasting from a few months to several years, in a French company abroad under certain conditions. What […]

29 November 2019

Young people very keen on the entrepreneurial adventure

  Entrepreneurship is no longer just for experts or seniors with many years of experience. Young people are now ready to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, at an earlier age than what was the norm a few years ago. They […]

22 November 2019

Your international experience: how does it impact your soft skills?

In a time when the world is getting smaller by the day, it is now essential to give your professional project an international aspect. During your student and professional life, you may cross the borders to live an experience abroad […]

23 October 2019

What status should you choose for your international career?

Are you considering an international career after you graduate from the American Business School of Paris? Congratulations! However, be careful to learn about the different types of contracts available. There are indeed different statuses for international workers, each with its […]

11 September 2019

Everything you need to know about the online MBA

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is the ultimate career boosting diploma. Aimed mainly at managers wishing to take their careers to new heights, the MBA is a demanding training that takes place over a period of 24 months, internship […]