15 October 2018

The best practices for building effective professional network

Building a professional network is one of the greatest things you can do in order to advance your career, especially when you’ve just graduated. Many professionals and graduate students don’t know how to go about it. But, professional networking is […]

8 October 2018

3 tips to land a job abroad

The World’s a big place! To get out of your comfort zone as to demonstrate the extent of your talents in a foreign country can be intimidating. But, in today’s era of globalization and abolition of spatial constraints for workers, […]

3 October 2018

France, the ideal home for foreign students

The time has undeniably come for students to move towards international perspectives: the number of students worldwide has increased by 50% over the past ten years. As a result, the number of international students has reached 4.6 million in 2016, […]

28 September 2018

A comparative look at American and French pedagogies

Every year, thousands of French students choose to pursue their higher education in the United States of America. This American experience brings a real added value to their career and allows them to open up to a completely different pedagogy […]

25 September 2018

The state of the luxury market today

A feeling of optimism over growth prospects prevails in the luxury industry in 2018. According to the Luxury Daily and Unit Marketing’s second annual survey, nearly half of the luxury professionals surveyed (47%) believe that the situation in the luxury […]

17 September 2018

The professional doctorate: from Anglo-Saxon challenges to European challenges

The first doctorate degrees were granted in the 12th century. They were awarded to professionals in medicine, theology and law fields. The professional doctorate only appeared much later in the    Anglo-Saxon countries. It was indeed necessary to encourage doctoral researchers […]

3 September 2018

Give your professional career a boost with a DBA

The DBA, Doctorate in Business Administration, is designed for working professionals who wish to go further in their knowledge and give a new breath to their career. This doctorate, which is delivered to best adapt their professional constraints, provides a […]

17 July 2018

How to develop your professional network with an Online MBA?

Maintaining your professional network at each stage of your career has become a must if you think about developing your business. Networking is a catalyst for success. If you dismiss it, you’ll find yourself back in a competitive job market […]

17 July 2018

The Doctorate of Business Administration: a royal path to the international outreach

To enable professionals to engage in a process of deep management research despite pursuing a busy career in business: this is the challenge taken up by the American Business School of Paris, which offers its Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA), […]

17 July 2018

The impact of Trump’s Immigration Travel Ban and the Brexit on French business schools

The French higher education may benefit from the fallout of the double shock coming from Anglo-Saxon world: the United Kingdom will leave the European Union on Friday 29 March, 2019 at midnight, and the controversial Immigration Travel Ban was validated […]