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Company Cases – 3rd Edition

The ABSParis launched in 2018 the 3rd edition of the Company Cases. This professional activity is modeled after the Harvard Business School method of bringing real business cases into the classroom.

22 partner companies :


The Company Cases challenged 107 senior & MBA students from 34 countries to answer their business questions for 7 weeks. They were working with 22 partner companies in multicultural teams.



Examples of business challenges :


EUROSTAR Redesign the Eurostar bar experience.

KERRY Is Kerry a good investment in France ?

FIRST ABU DHABI BANK What is the impact of fluctuating oil prices on business in the Middle-East ?

GENERAL ELECTRIC How to promote the handicap mission ?

GALERIES LAFAYETTE How to attract millenial customers to all stores nationwide ?

MONOPRIX How to attract and retain millenials in management positions ?

The other cases are confidential.


At the end of the final presentation, after evaluation and feedbacks (from our teachers, professional participants and alumni), a networking cocktail is offered to share experiences and create future opportunities.

Pictures of the event