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MBA in Information Technology & Data management


The Learning outcomes of the Concentration

Determine the key IT related objectives of the company.
Participation in strategic decision-making, and negotiate implementation with the stakeholders involved.
Supervise projects in accordance with the planned objectives.
Assume various operational managerial responsibilities according to the size of the company, the level and the hierarchical organization.
Anticipate needs in terms of software and technical resources.
Recruit, coordinate and manage teams.
Manage the budget for a division or a company.
Be adaptable, according to the needs of the division or company
Reinforce and develop the team’s skills.

Skills to be acquired in terms of training

Anticipate the evolution of an IT system and create a company strategic direction for evolution in IT needs and support
Organize a company’s IT evolution and orient IT governance along strategic axes
Make strategic decisions for IT responsibilities, and bring stakeholders together
Monitor the outcomes and verify that IT policies are being respected.


MBA Curriculum

Core courses : 6 courses, 18 credits

  • International Business Finance
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Business Law & Ethics
  • International Economics & Micro Markets
  • Strategic Marketing & Branding
  • Intercultural Mgmt & Intl Negotiation

Concentration : 4 courses, 17 credits

  • Entreprise Strategy & Technology Management
    • Enterprise Strategy
    • Master Planning
    • Advanced Business Planning
  • Project Management
    • Project Mgmt Methodology Frameworks
    • Fundamentals of Cyber Security
    • Design Thinking for IT Innovation
  • IT Innovation & Governance
    • Innovation & Emerging Technologies
    • Digital Transformation
    • Digital Strategy & IT Governance
  • IT Innovation & Governance
    • Business Intelligence
    • Data Warehousing & Data Mining
    • Big Data Architecture & Monetization
    • Outsourcing & Off-Shoring Data & IT

Capstone course, project and practical training: 9 crédits

  • Business Games
  • Company Case
  • International MBA Tour
  • Practical training, thesis & defense



Job opportunities are many, but here are some of the main ones

  • Information Systems Consultant,
  • Director of Information Systems,
  • Head of a company
  • Project manager
  • Director or Head:
    • of the Information Systems Department
    • of an IT division
    • of an IT service
    • of an Information Systems domain
    • of an Information Technology project
    • of a Data division
    • of a Data project

Enrollment conditions

The MBA in Information & Data Management takes place over 2 years.
You may enroll:

  • In the first year of the program, after 3 years of post-high school studies (Bachelor, BS, BA) in computer science or information technology
  • Directly in the second year of the program, after 4/5 years of post-high school studies in computer science or information technology

Double diplôme

Students will obtain at the end of the program :

  • An MBA from the American Business School of Paris
  • A FRENCH “Management of Information Systems” DEGREE EQUIVALENT TO A FRENCH MASTER’S DEGREE FOR GRANTING THE STAY BACK PERIOD (DECREE OF MAY 12TH 2011) – code 15065, NSF code 326n, by decree from 04/07/2017, published in the Official Journal on 04/21/2017, CPF code 249369

Programme offered in partnership with IPI, School of Computer Science of the IGS Group.

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