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Corporate Relations

The top priority of the American Business School Paris is to prepare its students for employment. This is why we engage in ongoing dialogue with the corporate world, via our Career Center in particular.

Our desire to support our young talent as effectively as possible at all times therefore allows us to meet companies’ expectations by:

  • welcoming professionals to seminars
  • raising the profile of your brand at our careers fair, on our websites or at our events (e.g. Graduation ceremonies, Professional Advisory Board)
  • analyzing the case studies on which our students work for you, with input from expert teaching staff.


To get in touch with our Corporate Relationships Department, please call Mrs. Pascale GINET on + 33 (0)1 80 97 65 58 or email her at

Register your internship offers

The American Business School of Paris offers you a full internship management service.

Registration is required.

Registration is very fast and will give you an account on our network to register and manage your offers freely at any time.

How to draft your internship offer

The internship offer should include the following elements.

  • Title of internship offered
  • Presentation of the company and business sector
  • Presentation of the project
  • Skills and aptitudes required
  • Qualifications required
  • Net monthly payment
  • Location of internship
  • Duration
  • Start date
  • How to apply (contacts)

Internships are an integral part of the program offered by the American Business School Paris.

Our interns

Bachelor of Business Administration

12 month internship or an in-house company project in France or abroad over at least 4 years. Download the internship calendar.

MBA with two concentrations:

  • Geopolitics
  • Entrepreneurship

6 months of internships or an in-house company project at the end of the course (May/June)

Recruit our graduates

The American Business School Paris forges and fosters special relationships with its alumni, who all act as ambassadors for the school.

Many of the 1,100 alumni of the American Business School Paris have jobs all over the world, but also in leading international companies in Paris.

Every year, the school organizes events to bring alumni together and put them in touch with partner companies.

If you want to advertise job offers to our alumni (new graduates and experienced staff) please contact

Meet our students: the Career Management Program

Our students receive theoretical and practical support with their personal and professional development ranging from learning about sectors and careers (1st and 2nd years) through to presenting their Career Plan and Market Research (3rd and 4th year).


As part of this program, partner companies can present their business activity/sector to students and make offers (student internships/jobs) via lectures or Job dating sessions.

Become a partner

The American Business School encourages a policy of active partnership and develops lasting relationships with companies. If you would like to become a partner, a range of bespoke services has been designed to meet your requirements:

Career Weeks

One of the priorities of the American Business School is to support students in their career choices, to help them to identify the skills required and to gain a better understanding of careers and roles offered by companies. Every year, the IGS Group organizes a Companies Week which brings together all of the Group’s partner companies. The three highlights of the week are:

  • A consultancy area where students can get advice on their résumé and career plan and have mock interviews in French and English.
  • A conference area with a different theme every year.
  • A “meet-the company” day which offers opportunities for discussion and mock interviews with professionals.


End of course internships/in-house company projects:

Internships form an integral part of the courses offered by the American Business School. Companies have access to the alumni directory, the “Atouts carrières” website and applicant profiles.


Junior Enterprise:

The American Business School matches up participating companies with students who will carry out an appraisal of a new industrial or commercial proposition, collaborate on the PR and organize a communications or advertising campaign.

Other forms of partnership

  • Professional Advisory Board (PAB): business experts and school management meet to reflect on program development.
  • Lectures: companies can present their business activity and the sector in which they operate to students.
  • Playing an active role in the life of the school: the company provides panel members for student recruitment and and/or internship report presentations.
  • Attendance at Graduation ceremonies: companies can sponsor the event.
  • Involvement in alumni parties: companies can sponsor the event.
  • Sponsorship/Patronage: companies can pay part of their Training Levy to the school or become a patron.
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