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The Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA): a professional doctoral program for executives

The Executive Doctorate in Business Administration degree made its debut in France a few years ago. It is the highest academic qualification in business administration in the US and in the European Education System. DBA programs are mainly designed for senior executives and working professionals who aspire to connect practice to academics.

Executive DBA programs, a timely solution?

The Doctorate in Business Administration is intended to address a number of common problems that are associated with the traditional doctorate. It is indeed an exciting opportunity for those managers, engineering and MBA graduates who are highly motivated to advance their management careers and deepen their knowledge in their areas of expertise. However, defending a Ph.D. dissertation can be regarded as a difficult passage for those already in the workforce. This asset class seems to have less interest in pursuing a traditional research doctorate. In fact, the Ph.D. has the bad reputation of being a long training program that is far from being up to date on the workforce realities.

Unlike the Ph.D. program, the DBA makes it possible to prepare future executives and managers in optimal conditions and is accordingly immune from the criticisms that are repeatedly made about the traditional research doctorate: high dropout rates, lack of transferable skills and working in non-project mode.

ABS Paris’ DBA program

The American Business School of Paris’s DBA is specifically designed for executive managers who seek to shape new business practices and make a value-added contribution to a professional field through conduct of applied research. This professional doctorate staggers over 3 years and corresponds to eight years of post-secondary education (bac+8). The training is provided in a hybrid format: online courses (60%) and face-to-face courses (40%) with flexible schedules to accommodate working and training. In order to apply, working professionals must have earned a Master’s 2 degree or equivalent and at least 5 years of professional experience.

Interested in pursuing a DBA degree? Learn about the American Business School of Paris’s DBA program for executives and managers!