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3 tips to land a job abroad

The World’s a big place! To get out of your comfort zone as to demonstrate the extent of your talents in a foreign country can be intimidating. But, in today’s era of globalization and abolition of spatial constraints for workers, depriving yourself of the international means you’re already leaving with a disability. ABS Paris students are trained to be perfectly bilingual, which opens up a world of opportunities for them in all of the four corners of the world. What position should I be adopting to find a job abroad?

job abroad

#1 Language proficiency, an essential prerequisite

If you are planning a language stay, a cultural getaway or a holiday, remember that it is not forbidden to dare to venture in the discovery of a country whose language you do not speak. To find and exercise a job is another matter. So of course, to master the “local” language is not necessary required. In the Maghreb and Lebanon, for example, French will do the trick. In Southeast Asia, English is spoken by a large part of the business community. Obviously, in Anglo-Saxon countries, you will not be out of touch as an ABSParis graduate!

#2 To choose a country where life is good

Going on an adventure is a courageous and healthy decision, but you must be careful about where you put your feet. And at this stage, everything depends on your profile, your personality, your experience. The adventurers will be inspired by an exotic region, in another continent, with a culture completely foreign to the country of origin. Others will be intimidated by this configuration and will prefer a country with a lifestyle comparable to the one they are currently living. In any case, it is necessary to scrutinize the data related to the level of rents, the average budget for food, transport, leisure, health… you will put the salary they offered you in perspective with the general level of prices to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

#3 To better Know the organizations to contact

Unless you have a trusted contact in your network, you will start looking for a job abroad by using the Public Employment Service, called Pôle emploi, which groups together the offers available outside France onto one platform. You can also visit the Maison des Français de l’Etranger (MFE), French for “House of the French Abroad”, which will provide you with information on French companies having representatives abroad. This organization also provides you with many services that facilitate your search for a position, the writing of a CV, or the application process from France. If you plan to stay in the EU, contact the European employment network (EURES) and the Association for the Employment of Executives (APEC). Finally, it’s worth considering solutions based on a voluntary system with payment for the stay, or start with a working holiday visa.

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