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What you need to know about the Doctorate of Business Administration

Informations about the Doctorate of Business Administration

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) corresponds to the highest postgraduate study, which is 8 years after the High School Diploma. The American Business School of Paris’ DBA is carried out in partnership with Franklin University, Ohio. Based on American pedagogy, this curriculum is designed for senior executives who want to improve and share their knowledge while maintaining their professional activity. The DBA is compatible with executives’ time constraints. They can thus successfully and serenely carry out their project. The American Business School of Paris offers a unique curriculum with an innovative global approach balancing between learning and practice. The learners obtain a recognized double diploma that is highly rewarding. Let’s discover the program of the American Business School’s DBA!

The DBA’s pedagogy and objectives

The Doctorate of Business Administration is a 3-year program. It allows learners to follow a training course that combines theoretical courses and practical application in compliance with their professional constraints and commitments.

Thus, unlike a traditional doctorate which requires full-time work, the DBA offered by the American Business School of Paris is perfectly suited to the pace and needs of executives and companies.

The DBA includes on-site courses but offers flexible schedules that are adapted to the learner’s constraints. It also offers online courses using the latest digital teaching tools. Doctoral students are therefore able to serenely combine their professional activity with their ambition to improve and increase their skills.

Who is the DBA for?

The DBA is intended for holders of a Master’s degree or equivalent, with a GPA (Grade Point Average) of 3.0, with more than 5 years of professional experience. Many business leaders, senior executives, consultants, teachers and lecturers generally meet these requirements. However, these potential candidates must have a working knowledge of English and be familiar with web tools in order to take online courses.

It is important to stress that companies can rely on the DBA to improve the level of their employees and improve their competitiveness. Companies can thus take charge of financing the DBA through the training plan, the employee’s continuing training account or as part of a new project that would be the subject of the doctoral student’s research work. The learner can of course finance his training by himself.

The total cost of the DBA is €34,000:

  • 12,000 euros for the first year;
  • 12,000 euros, for the second year;
  • 10,000 euros for the last year.

The DBA’s rich program

Under the DBA program, learners will first have to strengthen and master the fundamentals. The first courses provide them with a solid foundation through an innovative approach:

  • Management development, theory and practice;
  • Organizational behavior, culture and efficiency;
  • Organizational management;
  • Organizational systems, perspectives, theory and application;
  • Strategic thinking, decision-making and innovation;
  • Analysis of organizational performance;
  • Ethics and social responsibility;
  • Change management and organizational development.

Research is also a key part of the DBA program. It includes courses in methodology and design, applied statistics, writing skills and advanced quantitative research. Elective courses and thesis defense are the other foundations the program.

In addition, the manager will conduct research during his studies on a specific problem encountered by his or her company. The objective here is to provide the organization with innovative ideas to overcome its difficulties.

A valuable double diploma

Through the adaptability of training schedules but without neglecting the requirement for such a course, the DBA is a valuable program that catalyses the careers of managers. The American Business School’s partnership with Franklin University of Ohio, which is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), is another guarantee of its quality.

Learners can thus obtain a double diploma which is highly rewarding in their career path. The openness to the international market is a decisive criterion. DBA holders are therefore one step ahead of their competitors.

In addition, thanks to personalized follow-up throughout their curriculum, learners have the opportunity to develop their personality and critical thinking skills, in order to develop valuable soft skills and boost their career development.

What are the DBA’s job prospects?

The DBA prepares its students for strategic positions in France and abroad. Mastering the strategic and operational aspects of their core business, DBA holders are highly regarded on the job market.

The DBA is a real career lever. It is also an accelerator that gives a breath of fresh air to a stagnant career. This is why it is part of the career management policy of many large international groups. Most DBA holders manage to find interesting positions in large multinationals in the fields of audit and consulting, finance or industry.