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French companies: a success that is confirmed internationally


Each year, CCI France International rewards the success of French companies abroad, by awarding them performance trophies abroad. This is an opportunity for us to return to the prowess of our national champions on the international markets. Let’s take a deeper look with the American Business School of Paris.

“Made in France”: international recognition

The words of Arnaud Vaissié, President of CCI France International, are very clear: “international trade is an element of economic and political power in a country”. The success of French companies abroad contributes to the influence of the whole country on the world stage. Just as there is an “American way of life”, a “Deutsche Qualitat”, there is a certain French art of living, a “French Touch”, especially in the luxury industry, which is exported very well all around the world.

Fine gastronomy, luxury industry, fashion, beauty products, jewellery, furnishings, services, technology… “Made in France” gets good press and is recognized the world over. Examples of French brands that have made an international name for themselves abound: Yves Rocher, Brioche Dorée, L’Occitane, Oui Care, Schmidt Groupe, VIP 360, Desjoyaux… It must be said that French companies, and more specifically SMEs and start-ups have a strong culture of expansion abroad.

Today, according to the EY barometer for “France Digitale”, French start-ups generate more than 50% of their turnover internationally. These companies think more and more “global”, right from the start. Proofs of their international ambitions, 3 out of 4 French start-ups have at least one office abroad.

Induo: a French fabric to conquer the world

Induo was created in 2014 by two French people and has developed a revolutionary fabric, INDUO®, resistant to stains and perspiration. In 2019, Induo received the CCI France International trophy in the start-up category, rewarding its international performance. Today, the company generates almost 50% of its turnover from exports and aims to recapture the world textile market.

The start-up has just raised a million euros to expand internationally and create a distribution network in Europe and the Middle East. Thanks to its INDUO® water-repellent and stain-resistant fabric, the company already has offices in London, Munich and Barcelona. The future looks bright for Induo!

Industry: Saverglass rise to glory

Saverglass manufactures glass bottles for the luxury industry. Today, the company generates more than 50% of its income internationally. This is a great success for the small family business which has become, thanks to its opening onto the international markets, one of the major French glassmakers.

Saverglass went from 200 to 3,000 employees, thanks to its expansion to foreign markets, achieving an annual turnover of almost 450 million euros in 2018. Not stopping on such a good path, and after a first factory in Dubai, Saverglass inaugurated its 5th production plant in Mexico.

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