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French Tech, French Fab, French Touch: the cornerstones of French excellence!


You may be wondering why you should study in Paris? It’s simple: it’s the City of Light, the most beautiful city in the world, the world capital of luxury, tourism, congresses, culture… You want more? Paris is more international than ever. Often imitated, but never equaled… The American Business School of Paris invites you to discover the jewels of the French economy.

Perfumery, fashion, gastronomy, engineering, music, technology, robotics… French know-how has made France famous. The various French industries seduce the whole world. It is therefore not surprising to see the number of foreign students in France growing year after year. According to Campus France, Molière’s country had 358,000 foreign students in 2019, an increase of 21% in five years.

They seek the academic excellence and the dynamism of the French economy. In recent years, various movements have emerged to highlight French expertise and promote it internationally.  The French Tech, the French Fab and the French Touch have become essential levers.

What you need to know about French Tech, French Fab and French Touch

You’ve obviously already come across the trendy terms “French Tech”, “French Fab”, and “French Touch”. But what are their differences? Here’s a little comparison from the American Business School of Paris.

#1 The French Tech

The French Tech brings together the ecosystem of French start-ups with the aim of “making France one of the most attractive countries in the world for entrepreneurs who want to launch their start-up, conquer international markets and build a future that is meaningful”. French Tech raised €5.03 billion in 2019 according to the barometer conducted by EY.

#2 The French Fab

The French Fab refers to the French industry and meets 4 objectives: 

  • Accelerate the transformation of the industry in France;

  • Federate French industrialists;

  • To embody the prosperous future of French industry and the attractiveness of its professions;

  • To promote the excellence of French industry internationally.

Innovation, excellence, digitalization, ecological and environmental performance are its key words. Note that industry is a highly dynamic sector for the French economy. It employs 3.1 million people (according to the 2018 report by the National Council of Industry), and will account for 12.5% of France’s gross domestic product in 2017.

#3 The French Touch

Finally, the French Touch is the symbol of French know-how, whatever the field. It aims to highlight all French talent, throughout the world, in terms of creativity, modernity and quality.

What if you were one of these talents? You too can contribute to France’s international reputation! Discover the American Business School of Paris’ training programs and give your career the boost it deserves!