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What is a MBA ?

A MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a high-level diploma in business management delivered by business schools. While it was originally designed in the United States for experienced professionals who want to improve their skills and boost their careers, this degree is now available in the entire world and many programs are now designed for students. This diploma is recognized and valued by recruiters and thus, is one of the best ways to achieve one’s professional goal. A lot of concentrations are available so that students may pursue an MBA that allows them to start their careers in the sector they are interested in.

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What is a DBA ?

A DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) is a high-level diploma offered by business schools. It is a research doctorate and a terminal degree in business administration. The DBA was created to answer the needs of professionals who wanted to start research work after their MBA. They were designed to be compatible with a continued professional activity, unlike usual doctorates. The goal of the DBA is to let learners gain new decision-making skills and to become an expert in their field. Such a degree gives new career opportunities. A DBA usually lasts for 3 years or more.

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