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Graduation Ceremony : Class of 2016

“Dear Class of 2016,


This evening, 61 of you have successfully completed your BBA and MBA programs at the American Business School of Paris.


You come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Twenty-seven countries and four continents are represented here this evening: France, Great Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, the United States of America, Canada, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Congo, Madagascar, Egypt, Mauritania, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam and China.


Your success is the result of having acquired business skills in subjects such as Management, Marketing, Finance, International Business, Entrepreneurship and, above all, interdisciplinary and soft skills.


By living and interacting in our extremely international environment, you have become intercultural, open-minded and transnational. The world of today appreciates these skills and the behavior and understanding that comes with it.


In a moment you are going to receive a wooden cane, as is the tradition in certain prestigious American universities. This cane is a symbol of the education and skills that you have acquired here at The American Business School of Paris as assets on which you can lean on for the rest of your life. And what’s more, know that you can count on and turn to the entire IGS Group for support, both for its alumni network and in order to keep learning throughout your life.


Dear Graduates,

Today you will join the American Business School in Paris alumni network. Without our alumni, the school could not exist. You are and will be our strength in entrepreneurship and in industry. Thanks to you, we are going to grow, continue to develop, move up in national and international rankings, and start new programs. That is why, you are also our backing and support; that is why, the cane that I hold in my hands symbolizes your strength, both present and future.


So before congratulating you, all the ABSParis team, Sara Pax, Pascale Ginet, Marie-Odile Savarit, Morgane Mazars, Brad Nguyen, Mélanie Relaut, Lara Marandon, Marion PLISZCZAK, Jessica Barrano, Franck Nsangou and the whole Faculty members hope that you:

Live simply.

Think big.

Be grateful.

Give love.

Laugh lots.

Thank you.


I now declare that the class of 2016 has graduated.



Congratulations and Thank you all for your attention.”

Fady FADEL, Dean of The American Business School of Paris, April 1st, 2017.