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The American Business School of Paris holds an Erasmus University Charter.

The Erasmus + program for higher education, co-funded by the European Union, contributes to the creation of a European space for higher education.


Strategy Declaration

For over 25 years, we have invested in education and training (formal education, work-study training, continuing education) in order to promote excellence, employability, entrepreneurship, active citizenship and education/company cooperation.

We are organized into different departments by profession: Human Resources, Company Management and Administration, International Business, Digital Maintenance and Development, International Management and Healthcare Management.

We are looking for partners who propose vocational fields corresponding to our specialties.

For over several decades, we have developed and participated in partner networks (IACBE, AACSB, Franco-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, European Management Academy, ESA, BUSINET, EAIE, EFMD, NAFSA). These networks enable us to identify potential partners with whom we can conduct program creation projects (European academic semester taught in English, student/learner and administrative/educational staff exchanges). These networks also enable us to pay attention to European priorities and current topics: gender equality, sustainable development, school dropouts, recognition and validation of ECVET professional expertise based on formal, informal and non-formal learning, etc.).

Aside from Erasmus, the institution is involved in specific programs (Franco-German Office for the Tri-National Youth Project [France-Germany-Russia], Regional programs for trainees, educational and professional group exchanges in under-visited regions of the world, Active Citizenship Programs).

Our search for new partners is centered, more specifically, on countries that are under-represented in our existing networks, the minimum requirement for our public, partners involved in European and international programs, different from our own, for a better transfer of expertise.

More specifically, we are looking for partners

  • with training programs adapted to our students in formal education
  • interested in collaborating on degrees and training programs, joint diplomas
  • ready to get involved in international collaboration projects on subjects of mutual interest, for example: expertise in event management, intercultural management, professional expertise, communication and information technologies for education, development, education modernization, Luxury Management and Marketing
  • in the corporate world ready to collaborate with the educational sector in every sense
  • in company-submitted case studies to be resolved and presented by our 4th– and 5th-year students
  • Every project is open to all staff and students at every level

Moreover, in order to encourage the commitment of our international students in entrepreneurial projects (in France or abroad), distance and blended learning measures are set up allowing us to guide students in their studies by replacing the in-class approach on campus.

Geographical zones: we do not exclude any geographical zone except for security reasons. The sense and nature of the collaboration take precedence over everything else.

The purpose of our international mobility programs is:

  • to develop professional mobility for all individuals
  • to develop European identity
  • to facilitate the acquisition of professional expertise appropriate to intercultural environments
  • to promote linguistic acquisition in order to facilitate mobility
  • to encourage curiosity
  • to develop autonomy
  • to promote the concept “Learning by doing”
  • to involve people in active citizen and inter-generational solidarity
  • to create employability
  • to prevent school dropouts (for work-study training students in short programs)

Beneficiary Selection Process

The application selection process is done according to the criteria indicated below:

  1. Academic exchange and/or internship is consistent with student’s educational background
  2. Minimum GPA of 2.7/4.0
  3. Student’s diligence and behavior in class
  4. The right match between the academic exchange program and the student’s professional project
  5. Reception date of the request
  6. Student cover letter
  7. Individual’s financial situation/disablity*
  8. Level of fluency of the language spoken in the destination country

ERASMUS+ / Disability

Selected beneficiaries with a visible or non-visible disability must contact Maryna PAYNOT ( in order to be considered for a specific ERASMUS+ scholarship.

For more information:

*Please note: A disability, according to the law from February 11, 2005, is “any limitation of activity or restriction of participation in society experienced by a person due to a substantial, lasting or definitive alteration of one or several physical, sensorial, mental, cognitive or psychological functions, multiple disabilities or incapacitating health troubles.”

Office of University Exchange and Erasmus Programs

The international office is managed by:
Jarlath DILLON, Director of International Relations
Tel: +33 (0)1 80 97 65 65

In Paris, the international office is located on the Parodi campus:
12, rue Alexandre Parodi
75010 Paris
Contact person:
Maddalena CREMONESI, International Relations Officer
Tel: +33 (0)1 80 97 66 86

Grant Amounts for Beneficiaries

Destination countries are divided up into 3 groups:

Group 1

Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Monthly grant for academic programs:
Monthly grant for internships:

Group 2

Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey Monthly grant for academic programs:
Monthly grant for internships:

Group 3

Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia. Monthly grant for academic programs:
Monthly grant for internships:

Living expenses for all individuals:

The American Business School of Paris encourages its educational and administrative staff to participate in international mobility programs in order to share good educational and professional practices.

It applies the living expense rate set up by the applicable European commission.

Travel expenses for educational and administrative staff:

Travel fees are determined thanks to a kilometric calculator:

Course Catalogue

Consult the Course Catalogue

Recognition of Exchange Programs by the ECTS System

American grades


ECTS grades




American grades


ECTS grades




A 4.00 A Excellent C- 1.67






A- 3.67 B Very good D+ 1.33






B+ 3.33




Very good


D 1.00






B 3.00






D- 0.67






B- 2.67






F 0.00






C+ 2.33






I Incomplete






C 2.00






W Withdraw




Diploma Supplement

At the end of program, the American Business School of Paris systematically delivers a diploma supplement.