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Study abroad opportunities

At Partner Universities

Worldwide Partners

95 Partner Universities in 33 Countries

The American Business School of Paris has established an international network of 95 partner universities in 33 countries.


Study Abroad for 1 to 3 Semesters

Choose where you want to study abroad!

As part of its program, the American Business School of Paris offers its students the opportunity to spend between 1 to 3 semesters abroad in order to enhance their educational experience.


Minor Courses

Choose from a wide range of minor degree courses offered by our partner universities and broaden your skill set and expertise.


Intercultural Management Semester

A Program in China, Vietnam and the United States

Find out more about the Intercultural Management Semester in China, Vietnam or the United States, which takes place during your third year of study.

Semestre Management interculturel à l'american buzsiness school


What Does it Involve?

  • University classes and lectures
  • Tours and meetings with companies
  • Export project work for French companies


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