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International & Business Law Academy

The International and Business Law Academy within The American Business School of Paris offers a summer program that makes it possible to obtain academic credits transferable to your home university while expanding your knowledge in the French, European and International legal environment. The Academy proposes a series of classes that can be adapted to the needs of the partner university (customized program).

A graded transcript and a certificate of completion will be given to students who participate in the Academy and pass the exams. This will make it possible to transfer the validated academic credits to the student’s initial educational program within their home university.

The courses

(two courses to be chosen from the list below):

  • Private International Law (3 credits): 45 hours
  • Public International Law (3 credits): 45 hours
  • European Business Law (3 credits): 45 hours
  • European Fiscal Law (3 credits): 45 hours
  • American Business Law (3 credits): 45 hours
  • International Law and the Olympic Games (3 credits): 45 hours
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The International Business and Law Academy makes it possible to acquire expanded legal science expertise, which will allow students to:

  • Deepen their knowledge of international law and business thanks to practical case studies
  • Analyze the de facto situation and provide solutions through a comparative legal approach
  • Acquire international experience with an international teaching staff and guest speakers with varied professional profiles (ambassadors, senior officials, legal experts, lawyers, judges, etc.)
  • Better understand how international institutions in France operate (OECD, UNESCO, ICC, European Commission, etc.)

Co-curricular activities

In parallel to the face-to-face classes, visits to international and legal institutions are organized to allow students to develop a better understanding of the institutional issues that organizations face, as well as the reforms in progress. For example, visits will be planned to the Palais de Justice (law courts) in Paris as well as OECD’s and UNESCO’s headquarters, etc.

Length of program and tuition fees

The Academy offers academic activities (two courses to be chosen from the list above) as well as varied co-curricular activities over a period of 4 weeks to be scheduled between May and July. The exact dates will be determined according to your needs.

Tuition fees are set at €2,100 euros/student which includes two 3-credit academic courses and the co-curricular activities.


Backed by its partnerships with student residential services in Paris, The American Business School of Paris supports students in their search for short-term housing by offering them access to several personal housing platforms.

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