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The Doctorate of Business Administration: a royal path to the international outreach

To enable professionals to engage in a process of deep management research despite pursuing a busy career in business: this is the challenge taken up by the American Business School of Paris, which offers its Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA), an Executive Education “super degree” that paves the way for a international renown.

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Taking a step back, embedding practice into the theory

What do Nestlé, Total and Carlsberg have in common? They are leading groups in their respective sectors of activity who rely on the DBA as the central element of their career management policy. It must be said that beyond the “legitimation” of professional experience through a high-level academic work, the DBA cultivates the aura of an international renowned curriculum. Graduates are steeped in the company culture. They learn to think differently and to structure their reasoning in order to approach their profession in a completely different way.

This ability to take a step back is particularly enhanced by management. It enables professionals to work in diametrically opposed macro-environments. This quality goes hand-in-hand with international ambitions. In the other hand, this approach is concretized by the differentiation of the DBA from the traditional Doctorate. Where the French PhD is designed to advance scientific theories, the DBA positions itself on the other side of the fence. It rather aims to embed practices into the theory in order to advance experiential learning. And because theory is essentially universal, the practice and the practitioner reach new heights.

The American Business School of Paris’s DBA

This is the diploma of managers who seek excellence. To further support the international dimension of its DBA, the American Business School of Paris offers a dual diploma in partnership with the American Franklin University located in Columbus, Ohio, accredited by the prestigious Higher Learning Commission (HLC). For the company, whether it is based in France or abroad, the DBA is a strategic investment in the sense that it allows the employee to reach performance levels. The latter also conducts a research related to a real problem, directly inspired by the reality of his company, under the guidance of specialized referees.

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