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International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Technology at ABSParis

The American Business school of Paris is pleased to organize the 7th World Conference on Applied Sciences, Engineering and Management in partnership with BRCORP, IPI School of IT Engineering and Conference World.








More than 90 researchers are attending the WCSEM in Paris on October 26 coming from India, Japan, Malaysia, South Africa, Botswana, France, United Kingdom, United States of America, Morocco, etc.

The papers and the proceedings will be published in highly ranked journals.

The main topic of the 7th WCSEM is about Entrepreneurship and Technology. Paris is becoming the European and International capital of Start-ups and technology thanks to its attractiveness and facilities offered to entrepreneurs.

Actually, it is not an accident that Paris is hosting the 7th edition of WCSEM, the theme of this year being “Entrepreneurship & Technology”:

  • In 2017, Paris won the award for innovation from the EU
  • In 2017, the President Emmanuel Macron inaugurated Station F, thus propelling Paris as the world capital for Startups
  • In 2017, France became the most influential country in the world in terms of soft power, in other words, in its ability to convince and influence through non-coercive methods like culture and digital, according to the SoftPower30 report

Moreover, it is important to remember that the link between entrepreneurship and technology occurs through innovation and creativity. If we are not all entrepreneurs or startuppers, the fact remains that we all have at least a touch of creativity and innovation in each of us. Consequently, whether researchers, directors or engineers, we are all entrepreneurs. It is through our creative attitude and entrepreneurial expertise that we contribute to the prosperity of “Entrepreneurship & Technology.”

We hope that all the researchers gathered together over the next two days here in Paris will be able to share their research on innovation, entrepreneurship and technology and will learn from each other’s research as well.

Our MBA students enrolled in the major of Entrepreneurship and Business Development will contribute through their commitment and different presentations to the success of the Conference.

Long live interaction, long live entrepreneurship and technology, long live diversity!