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How to land an internship in the United States?

An internship in the United States is an opportunity to gain concrete and practical experience and a great way to develop skills that will be useful throughout your career. At the same time, this period spent within a company will help you cultivate your entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, and help you develop skills that are highly valued by employers around the world. A study published by Erasmus found that people who pursue internships abroad are half as likely to face long-term unemployment. Erasmus also revealed that 92% of employers surveyed were looking for soft skills such as problem solving, curiosity and confidence. These transversal skills can be acquired during internships abroad, particularly in the United States. So what are the benefits of doing an internship in the United States and how can you make the most of this experience?

get an internship in the United States

Why internships in the U.S. are a worthy investment?

The United States is a trading and economic powerhouse, which means that trends for many industries are set in this country. If you want to learn the latest and most advanced techniques and wish to work with professionals at the top of their game, the United States is the best place to achieve your goals. In Uncle Sam’s country, you can have professional experiences you can’t have anywhere else. Working in an English-speaking environment, that is also part of a great Anglo-Saxon culture, is an important aspect of your internship program, as English is now the global language of many industries. Nevertheless, the language itself is not enough. Learning large-scale American standards and American cultural skills will make it easier for you to stand out and be truly ready to actively engage in the business world.

Some of the most important skills you will learn will not be the ones listed on your CV, but remain considered as career enhancing aspects. Living abroad and integrating into a new culture gives you the tools to make the most of your experience, no matter where your professional career path takes you. Young people who have had the audacity to live this experience are more confident. They perfectly know what they want to do and they are capable to take any situation in their stride in order to achieve their goals.

How to find an internship in the U.S. yourself?

In this case, specialists recommend that you cast a wide net. In other words, to target as many companies as possible, and obviously to take into account your project and your expectations. However, keep in mind that your internship should have as its main objective to boost your employability. Do everything you possibly can by striking out in all directions, especially through unsolicited applications, but feel free to network by trying to get your contacts in the United States on board, so that they can help you find an internship. Here are some websites that have become very familiar to young people looking for an internship in the United States:

Get in touch with a company specialized in international internships

If you don’t have the time or desire to spend hours looking for an internship on the Internet, you can simplify your life by entering into contracts with specialized service providers. They will work with you until you find your internship. Of course, their services would not be free, but they are designed to make you save time, which gives you the opportunity to organize your trip and make everything run smoothly.

After you have found an internship, you will be asked to apply for a D-1 Visa. To this end, you should necessarily go through a sponsoring organization. Sponsoring organizations, contrary to what their name might suggest, do not help students financially. Every student who wishes to get an internship in the United States is obliged to go through these private American companies. Their mission is to ensure that the internship complies with the D-1 Visa regulations. Once the sponsoring organization has accepted your application, it will issue you a “DS 2019” form that will allow you to apply for your D-1 Visa at the American Embassy in Paris. The sponsoring organizations are the only ones authorized to issue this famous form.

At the American Business School, you will also have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester. The school has built a network of 31 universities in the United States. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to discover American studies in all their richness.