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The keys to international careers

In an increasingly globalised world, how do you stack all the odds in your favor to launch your international career? For many students, the answer is the Business School. As an international student in the American Business School of Paris, you know that international experience outside the US (or outside your home country) is the way to go if you aspire to get an unparalleled experience. By the time international graduate they already have close friends from all over the world. That is the first step to your dream job!

Study abroad to gain a wide range of backgrounds

International careers involve numerous trips and awesome experiences in a multicultural environment. On the other hand, it requires the capability to work at satellite offices with colleagues from all around the world and a wide range of backgrounds to deal with cultural differences. Studying outside your home country gives a greater opportunity to interact with other students. They don’t just come from different countries, but from a wide variety of backgrounds as well. Not to mention that studies abroad are a decisive advantage that will maximize your chances in the job market regardless of the country.

Cultural awareness, natural curiosity

If you want an international career, you need to travel. You need to get outside of your home country so that you can demonstrate that you can actually take initiatives and discover different cultures on your own. If you can get that opportunity while you’re at college or university, well that’s excellent. Otherwise, you’ll have to show that you’re curious enough about international exposure, that you’ve got out and you’ve actually traveled. You’ll also want your résumé to make it crystal clear that you’re receptive and enthusiast about trying different things and move all around the world for the sake of discovering other ways of being. If you seek a brilliant international career, then you’ll have to talk less about yourself, your values and your ethics, and talk more about diversity and culture awareness.

“Following the atypical path of studying at the American Business School of Paris made me more open and curious about life and work in international business » says Cyrille Mechain, class of 2009, Business Process Coordinator at Bell Canada. You too can study both for the American BBA degree and a French diploma !