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MBA: how to anticipate the workload?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is intended for senior executives, with three to five years of professional experience, who wish to accelerate their career path or seek professional retraining. Pursuing an MBA is a heavy investment, both in terms of availability and intellectual mobilization.

charge de travail - workload

Family life, an integral part of MBA Preparation

If several MBA study options are offered by business schools (part-time, modular, full-time or online MBAs), the programs all have in common the collective workload and an intensive pace of work. Between attending courses, maintaining their professional activity and managing the personal work to be done, MBA students are generally less available to their family members, even during weekends. It is therefore highly recommended to take the time to talk this over with your family members in order to set clear expectations with all of them, and thus earn a moral and logistical support, without fault.

Develop a timetable and rank your priorities

The preparation of the MBA requires a major investment regardless of the pace and intensity of your business school’s program. To succeed in your studies, think about how you may set precise rules and agenda. Block off time for studies and participation in group works and give yourself rest periods. To maintain the same pace of work, you will need some recovery periods. So remember to keep a healthy lifestyle and make sure you leave time for regular breaks for activities that make you feel your best such as sports, cultural activities, outdoor outings…

Managing work schedule conflicts

The success of the MBA program you choose depends on your ability to devote time to training without interfering with your work missions. A great deal of give and take will be needed to get your boss on board. It is indeed essential that he understands your ambitions and the opportunities to expect after completing the training. To successfully deal with work schedule conflicts, think about adopting a millimetric management and getting organized with your work teams. It is also an opportunity to put the MBA’s lessons into practice: learn to delegate, motivate and empower while remaining independent.

Adapting your training curriculum to fit your professional and personal constraints is now possible with the American Business School’s online MBA, especially dedicated to young graduates as well as experienced professionals who wish to boost their career or seek professional retraining.