Our new logo, a strong image of our values!

The American Business School of Paris remains faithful to its 1985 founding charter:

Its dual American and French perspective makes ABSParis the only school that awards an American (accredited in the United States) and a French (accredited in France) diploma.

Its appeal is increasingly across nations and borders:

  • more than 80 nationalities in the student body,
  • more than two-thirds are international students, and
  • it has the highest number of American students studying in business schools in France

The new logo reflects the school’s mission and personality:

  • The stars reflect its American roots (diplomas, accreditation, pedagogy)
  • The Eiffel Tower symbolizes its French and Parisian identity (diplomas, professional development, cultural impact)
  • The Globe refers to its international and intercultural environment (more than 80 nationalities, more than two-thirds foreign students, alumni network in more than 40 countries)
  • The colors – blue, white and red represent the American and French flags

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