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Professional Advisory Board: Bachelor in Fashion & Luxury Retail Management

On June 12, The American Business School Paris has gathered many business experts from world famous brands such as Courrèges, Ralph Lauren, Dior, Sisley, Lalique, Michael Kors, Galeries Lafayette and Banana Republic.

The aim of the meeting was to think about challenges these brands have to face in today’s market, and the team profiles required to face and overcome the challenges identified.

Professional Advisory Board

We would like thank all the participants :

  • Jacques Bungert, CEO Courrèges
  • Elizabeth Cabrera Valenzuela, Marketing Retail Director, Dior Couture Europe
  • Aurélie Duroux, Head of Recruitment & Development, Galeries Lafayette
  • Evelyn Leduc, Vice-President Flagship Ralph Lauren Paris
  • Remi Le Druillenec, Council Director, Agence Desdoigts & Associés
  • Jessica Bornacelli, Sales Supervisor, Flagship Michael Kors Paris
  • Nora Bounabat, Human Resources Officer, Galeries Lafayette
  • Quentin Obadia, Artistic Director, Lalique
  • Julien Pages-Xatart, International Training Vice-President, Sisley
  • Valérie Tallepied, Founder & General Director of Retail Management Services
  • Yann Rivoallan, Sales Directeur et Co-Founder, The Other Store (The Oz)
  • Olivier Duval, General Manager, Banana Republic
  • David Del Zotto, CEO & Founder Icône