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Professionalization: the spearhead of the American Business School of Paris!

ABS Think Big (3)

The American Business School of Paris has always strived to provide you with solid training, designed in accordance with the American educational system and with an emphasis on professionalization. Our students have the best chance of benefiting from a high-quality professional integration. Here is all that the American Business School of Paris has to offer you!

A career path enhanced by great professional experiences

During your training at the American Business School of Paris, you will acquire key skills… through courses but also thanks to the professional immersion. You will have the opportunity to put into practice your newly acquired skills through internships or part-time jobs. Our training programs include

  • 1 to 3 months of internship per year of study, during the summer or between semesters;
  • the opportunity to complete a 6-month gap internship;
  • 1 mandatory 6-month end-of-study internship.

You will also have the opportunity to enrich your training with the “Spring 2021” semester, a two-month internship with up to 6 credits. Similarly, the school offers an international summer program in Paris, with an optional extension “Career& Culture” which focuses on other areas such as culture and professional development. You will also be able to participate in professional workshops and conferences.

In addition to this immersion in the professional world, the American Business School of Paris also focuses on internationalization and its challenges. This is why the school has established long-term partnerships with 114 universities in 35 countries.

You also have the possibility to complete a semester of intercultural management (SMI) in China, the United States or Vietnam during your third year of studies. The SMI program includes lectures and conferences, as well as visits and meetings with local companies to discover new approaches and working methods.

The Corporate Relations and Professional Coaching Department

The American Business School of Paris has a Corporate Relations and Professional Support Department that will help you build your career plan and improve your employability throughout your training.

This department offers various services:

  • Personal educational support;
  • Individual coaching sessions;
  • Modules and workshops to support your career plan;
  • Corporate talks, etc.

The entrepreneurship and innovation seminar

MBA students at the American Business School of Paris will experience a major milestone in their journey: a stay in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley! The Holy Grail for those with an entrepreneurial spirit!

During this stay, you will participate in a workshop on Big Data at Stanford University. You will also have the opportunity to meet several key players such as Google and GE Digital, as well as start-ups such as Wingz and Star Maker.

Do you want to join a school that gives you all the necessary keys to succeed in your professional projects? Would you like personalized support throughout your studies? Then discover the training courses offered by the American Business School of Paris!