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The top 5 reasons to study abroad

Imagine this: you’re sitting in your dorm room thinking to yourself. You’re thinking about life and you’re thinking about the world. You’re probably counting down days until you get to walk across that magnificent graduation stage. And with all this thinking you probably can’t help but wonder: how can I make my college experience even more memorable? Many students would suggest to study abroad. Here’s why!

Reason #1: make friends from all around the world

The American Business School of Paris has a huge international community. During your stay in Paris you’ll meet students from different backgrounds and cultures and fill your address book with some quality contacts. This is maybe the most helpful thing for your future professional career.

Reason #2: develop your language skills

Studying abroad especially in a country where locals doesn’t speak your native language is a nice challenge and a great opportunity to improve your skills, especially if you want to build and international career.

Reason #3: traveling widely

Traveling across Europe will make you collect some of the most unforgettable moments of your life, not to mention that people who travel often are exposed to different environments which create stronger antibodies that protect immune system from harmful pathogens. Research shows that travel is the best probiotic!

Reason #4: develop skills outside of a classroom setting

When you put yourself out there and you decide to hop on a plane and travel somewhere new, you’re going to be learning a fully independent way of living. You’ll have to deal with those challenging times and make things work on your own. That is a truly empowering experience.

Reason #5: add a huge boost to your resume

There are skill sets that your future employers are looking for. Even just a semester studying abroad can make a big difference.

When you show up to a new city and you know zero people, you start to listen to your own thoughts in your head. There is less distraction. It’s just YOU and a whole new world…