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Why pursue a Doctorate in Business Administration?

Upon completing undergraduate university study and working for many years, many professionals decide to pursue their education and push their studies forward to get a DBA. Here’s why!

DBA degree Vs. PhD in Business Administration

The term “DBA” stands for “Doctorate in Business Administration”. A DBA program is a practice-based and professional doctorate degree with the same challenge and status as a PhD in Business Administration. In contrast to a PhD in Business Administration which requires professionals and students to develop existing theories in order to make a notable contribution to business scholarship, a DBA degree requires a considerable contribution to the academic knowledge that can be applied to the professional practice in a specific area of business. There are many reasons why a DBA degree is the best academic route to take.

#1 Developing leadership in many areas of business

Earning a DBA degree can significantly increase your chances to reach your personal and professional goals. Holders of this qualification have transferable skills and leadership qualities. They can aspire to positions requiring autonomous responsibility and unpredictable situations. A DBA degree program also offers the opportunity to learn about the latest management techniques and research methods. Regardless of your specialty, your interests or career goals, a DBA will help you boost your employability.

#2 Getting an edge on the labour market

A DBA will expand your employability to help you pursue a range of exciting career paths such as senior managerial consultant, marketing brand manager, business systems analyst, information systems management consultant or business unit accountant. You may also choose an academic career such as a business professor at universities, colleges or business training centers. A DBA degree may also give you a higher salary with lucrative compensation packages.

#3 Getting a lot of flexibility with part-time DBA

The DBA program is undertaken on a part-time basis and typically completed over a period of five years. It is a great opportunity for professionals who do not want to give up their current work and wish to manage many other commitments during the DBA programs.

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