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What do you know about India?


India is a huge and fascinating country. How about discovering it yourself? Well, that’s exactly what the American Business School of Paris is inviting you to do. You wish to know more about this federal republic, which according to the IMF is expected to become the most populous country by 2024 with the youngest population in the world? Let’s go!

Higher education in India

India is experiencing difficulties in education, especially in public schools and universities. To remedy the situation, there has been a rapid and substantial expansion in the number of private schools in recent years, offering good education standards, but sometimes at a high cost.

These schools, which are generally located in India’s major cities such as New Delhi, Dehra Dun, Bangalore, Mumbai and Hyderabad, offer quality education, with an experienced teaching staff. Besides, most of these institutions of higher education have accreditations that attest to the quality of teaching. They also offer personalized support to students and include extra-curricular activities in their programmes to give young people the opportunity to broaden their horizons.

Even though the fees of private higher education schools in India are quite high, the demand is growing. Places are being filled rapidly, leading to increased competition among applicants to join the most prestigious schools.

India is an economic powerhouse

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi used a metaphor that perfectly describes the economic situation in India: “The sleeping elephant has now started to run”. India has indeed become the world’s sixth largest economy, recording 8.2% growth in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the previous year. According to the IMF, the country generates more than 15% of global economic growth.

Among the most influential sectors of the Indian economy:

  • Manufacturing industry (+13.5%),
  • Construction (+8.7%),
  • Agriculture (+5%).

Household consumption is also on the rise, increasing by 2 points in 2018 to reach 8.6%.

India’s labour market

With a more than flourishing economy, many job opportunities are emerging. The job market is experiencing a revival and attracting more and more expatriates by the day.

The textile and fashion industries are particularly favourable to hiring, as are information technology, telecommunications, engineering, the pharmaceutical industry, the hotel business and the petrochemical industry. In addition, many multinationals have chosen to set up their head offices in India in order to benefit from its formidable dynamism.

Would you like to discover India? Take advantage of the American Business School of Paris’ partnerships with Indian universities! You will have the opportunity to discover a new culture and give a real boost to your career.