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The Bachelor of Business Administration


Understanding the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration is an American undergraduate degree (4 years of studies) accessible after a high school diploma in commerce and management. Echoing the other programs of the American Business School of Paris, the BBA is accessible via direct application to the school (and not via the system).

The academic year of the BBA of the American Business School of Paris is divided into two semesters:

  • The fall semester (early September to mid-December);
  • The spring semester (late January to mid-May).

Each academic year contains two recruitment sessions:

  • In October, for the spring semester;
  • Starting from January, for the fall semester.

The BBA is also accessible by means of validation of prior experience (VAE program). The BBA of the American Business School of Paris revolves around a core curriculum aimed at providing students with the necessary knowledge to manage and accompany business growth. Applicants also benefit from general culture courses and specialization courses in international finance, international trade, or international marketing.

BBA certifications, accreditations and recognition

The BBA of the American Business School of Paris was certified by the French State in 2009 and again in 2012 (renewal). In the United States of America, the program obtained the accreditation of the IACBE (The International Accreditation Council for Business Education) in 2004.

Since December 2017, the BBA program has added to its record a public recognition from the National Professional Certification Commission: International Manager, “Title 1 registered with RNCP at level 7”, which is equivalent to the Master degree.

A course aimed at the international business environment

The American Business School of Paris spares no effort to help you reach a bilingual level in English, an essential asset for an international career, especially in the business world.

This is the reason why the school has chosen to teach the program entirely in English. Applicants who choose this course also benefit from study semesters and internships abroad, in one of the 90 partner universities located all around the world. They can obtain a double specialization by taking courses at one of these universities.

In addition, the pedagogy of the American Business School of Paris favors active participation in the classroom while emphasizing group work and project presentations, thereby guaranteeing candidates a perfect command of the English language.

Why choose the American Business School of Paris for your BBA?

Choosing the Bachelor of Business Administration offered by the American Business School of Paris will give you the necessary tools to succeed! Like all the training offered by the school, this program is very oriented towards international trade, while including eclectic teaching, in a perfect representation of the American model in terms of pedagogy. It also provides a unique mixing pot with knowledge from different fields (management, marketing, law, modern languages, communication…). 

Choosing the American Business School of Paris will help you take advantage of the many qualities of the American pedagogy while capitalizing on France’s international influence to boost your career in the world of business.

As the sixth-largest economy in the world, France has always been open to international talents. The country is endowed with important structural assets: its geographic positioning in the center of the European Union, the quality, diversity, and efficiency of its transport and telecommunications infrastructure, the skills of its workforce and the quality of its human capital, its commercial power, etc.

The “2019 Report on International Investments in France”, published on June 2th, 2020 by Agence Business France, reaffirmed France’s great attractiveness for foreign investors. France is in fact the 1st European country for foreign investments with industrial vocation and R&D.

These foreign investments come from 58 different countries with a predominantly European capital (64% in total). However, the United States leads, with 16.2% of total projects, followed by Germany (15.5%), the United Kingdom (12%), and Italy (8%). The value of French goods exports crossed the bar of 500 billion € in 2019 for the first time allowing a steep reduction in the trade deficit, according to the annual report on foreign trade, made public on February 7, 2020, by the Direction Générale du Trésor (a governmental body tasked with gauging the French economy and advising the government on financial matters).

These numerous strong points make France the first-choice destination for any young talent wishing to develop his professional career by opting for a high-quality course, such as the Bachelor of Business Administration offered by the American Business School of Paris.