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Corporate responsibility towards ecological and ethical challenges

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Corporate responsibility is a question of balance: it is about reconciling the interests of the company with those of the social body in which it operates, in a context of mutual dependence. Companies need a healthy and dynamic social body in order to develop and prosper. In concrete terms, corporate responsibility refers to the initiatives taken by companies to maintain and consolidate the symbiotic relationship that binds them to their social body. These initiatives are not just about economics. They extend to other social, ecological and ethical considerations.

On the ethical level

Ethics in business are involved at all levels, from human resources to marketing strategy including management. Although it is often implied, it can nevertheless take the form of a charter, rules and regulations and a formal code of ethics to which employees and managers must adhere. The culture of ethics thus symbolizes the strong values carried by the company and is taken into consideration in decision-making (choice of suppliers, investment policy, career management, innovation, etc.). By adopting an ethical approach, the company strengthens its credibility, reputation and image, promotes meaningful social dialogue and benefits from an advantageous positioning over its competitors…

But the implementation of a genuine corporate ethic goes even further and addresses sometimes sensitive issues. This applies in particular to ecological and environmental issues.

The environmental issue

Without a reasoned and rational management of resources, companies cannot have a long-term vision of the needs of their economic activity and its impact on society and the environment as a whole. The growth of the company is strongly dependent on this issue. As a matter of fact, many consumers boycott products that come from manufacturing processes that are harmful to the environment. Spontaneous consumer boycotts have become more common in the last decade. A responsible company is supposed to support a preventive approach to environmental protection. It must take courageous and innovative measures to promote greater respect for the environment, in particular by encouraging the development and implementation of eco-friendly technologies. Practices such as the use of biodegradable materials or the reprocessing of waste are also to be favored.
These major challenges require a renewal of skills, changes in work organization and adaptation to new technologies for green innovation. To support companies and young talent, the American Business School of Paris offers tailor-made programs that prepare students to meet these exciting challenges. The school’s students are thus prepared to help companies in their desire to transform themselves into more ethical and environmentally friendly organizations!