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Why earn a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) degree?

For some years now, doctoral programs in business administration (DBA) have flourished throughout France. They are adapted for managers and consultants who have no longer to miss work but wish to focus on researching practical business issues. DBA programs thus enable experienced managers to strengthen their professional expertise and companies to gain ownership of an analytical framework directly applied to their field.

perspectives après un Doctorat en administration des affaires

The DBA to enhance your expertise and access strategic positions

Preparing a DBA degree and defending a practical thesis provides:

  • formalizing tacit knowledge and research results skills that are widely appreciated;
  • a great capacity to understand a complex managerial problem and all of its implications, based on the practical repercussions of a research that would respond to the specific requirements of your organization;
  • interdisciplinary and transferable know-how, which meets the expectations of companies and the current needs of the job market;
  • a proven ability to decipher, evaluate and disseminate information after interpretation, for an informed and sound business decision-making.

Beyond the acquisition of operational knowledge and the reinforcement of expertise, the DBA is the best way for professionals to evolve towards a career as a trainer/intervener or an expert-consultant that is specialized in the identification of key issues and the implementation of organizational solutions.

A valuable asset for companies

The Doctorate of Business Administration is increasingly considered as a real asset for companies. Students who choose the DBA are intended for strategic functions and will evolve towards management positions. The DBA is therefore THE diploma of future executives with a great potential but also a valuable asset for companies that seek to increase their competitive potential. Organizations do not hesitate to support and accompany the candidates who wish to develop their expertise and boost their career in the scope of their company’s main issues. During the three years of the DBA, executives and managers explore and analyze a specific area of concern that is directly related to their work environment and make a high added value contribution to their company through the development of new managerial practices.

The Doctorate of Business Administration at the American Business School of Paris is dedicated to experienced executives who want to contribute to a professional field by developing new managerial practices and new applied knowledge. It is open to Masters Degree holders with at least five years of experience.