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Professionalization at the heart of the American Business School of Paris programs

ABS Think Big

A large number of students want to have an international work experience. This is why the American Business School of Paris has designed a curriculum inspired by the American educational system, with training programs focused on the needs of companies. Because professionalization is a top priority, the American Business School of Paris has established privileged relationships with the business world.

Programs designed to help students reach their career objectives

The American Business School of Paris organizes various events throughout the year to consolidate its relationships with its partner companies and introduce students to the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

Conferences on relevant topics are followed by networking events to help students build their professional network. Round Table discussions are also held on central themes such as digital transformation. Experts are invited to present their career paths, graduates meet with each other and discuss with the school’s students.

The training provided at the American Business School of Paris is based on the concept of “learning by doing”, which uses concrete cases in partnership with companies. The Company Case Challenge is a good example of this approach. In this exercise, students are invited to address the challenges brought about by the school’s partner companies on issues in retail, auditing, banking, communication, human resources, etc. Students have the opportunity to put their theoretical knowledge into practice to be operational as soon as they graduate.

The American Business School of Paris team also organizes corporate talks during the courses in order to inform students about the different careers and paths they can pursue in finance, marketing and international business/entrepreneurship.

Students benefit from a large network of partner companies

The constant dialogue that the American Business School of Paris maintains with the business world, particularly through the Career Center, helps to achieve a dual objective: to help the school’s talents develop their attractiveness to employers, and to meet their requirements in terms of professional skills. This dialogue translates into a variety of actions, such as:

Inviting professionals to seminars

Our students profit from the advice and feedback of large companies. These in turn benefit from a gain in notoriety through our job forums, our websites and during our events (graduation ceremony, scientific committee, etc.).

Case studies

Our students are given case studies by expert professors. These exercises project the students into the daily life of the company. Indeed, the case studies allow students to discover real-life situations and solve concrete problems.

The IGS Group’s Company Days

This annual meeting is an opportunity for students, companies and alumni of the IGS Group to meet and share a special moment on the Parisian campus on rue Alexandre Parodi. Companies and their representatives deliver targeted communication to a pool of more than 3,000 students and recent graduates looking for an internship or a first job. Coming from a wide range of degree programs from the Baccalaureate (French high School diploma) to Bac+5 (MA holders), they ensure that employers can find all the candidates they are looking for.

The international success of French companies serving our students

The professionalization of students at the American Business School of Paris, throughout their time at the school, leads them to positions of responsibility in different business fields (trade, management, communication, marketing, fashion and luxury goods, research, technology, robotics…), both in France and abroad.

Indeed, France’s influence and the success of tricolor companies around the world are factors that facilitate professional integration at the international level. In addition, our graduates have been prepared in an Anglo-Saxon study system, which makes them highly sought-after profiles, particularly by the many French brands established abroad.

These advantages amply justify the choice of France and the American Business School of Paris as a study destination. It is no coincidence that the school welcomes young people of 80 different nationalities, with a 70% rate of foreign students! All these young people, full of hope, energy and motivation, will participate in the development of their respective countries through the solid professional and cultural background they will have acquired during their years of study at the American Business School of Paris.

Would you like to live a fulfilling experience that will help you develop your talents and give a real boost to your career goals? Join the American Business School of Paris and choose one of its training programs!

You will have the opportunity to gain double recognition with the BBA program (Bachelor of Business Administration). This American diploma is prepared in 4 years and is internationally accredited. Delivered by the American Business School of Paris, it also gives you the opportunity to earn a double degree from an American partner university. Here again, the emphasis is on professionalization, since a double degree brings a double professional competence for the holders, which makes the difference and constitutes a real added value for the student on the job market.