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The American Business School of Paris: Advantages of a double culture


The placement of the U.S. as the leading nation in the quality of higher education programs through the world — as stated in various annual rankings issued by multiple institutions — is a common knowledge. It’s also known that the American pedagogy and all its advantages usually come with a steep price. On average, U.S. students shed $15,000 USD per year on tuition fees. 

Thankfully, not everyone need to pack their thing and join the Uncle Sam’s in order to reap the benefits of the well-established and highly celebrated American pedagogy. In fact, The American Business School of Paris (ABS) offers you just that while allowing you to take advantage of a French environment. You get a winning combo not to be passed on! 

The American pedagogy of the American Business School of Paris

At the American Business School of Paris, the tone is set with courses fully taught in English and especially designed to prepare you for an international career by giving you access to a unique pedagogy based on the foundations of American education.

Your training is designed around academic excellence coupled with on-field know-how acquired through internships and international professional experiences. But the real strength of the American Business School of Paris lies in its ability to offer you an interactive, modular and flexible curriculum where you are in constant control of your journey and destination… How? You might wonder! The answer is “simple”: thanks to a reverse pedagogy applied since the opening of the school and which allows you prepare the lessons at home so you can discuss them later in class with the teachers and the other students. Joint projects carried out in groups also make it possible to cover the subject matter in greater detail.

You’ll thus be immersed in a universe conducive to your international opening. A characteristic boosted by the presence of many foreign students at your side. At the same time you’ll benefit from the quality of the Parisian life and its renowned leisure, heritage and of course its professional opportunities!

The benefits of an American pedagogy

This unique approach allows you to grow your analytical skills and to develop your critical sense. You will also become more comfortable at conducting/leading exchanges or debates, the very skills you need to become a capable, internationally oriented and highly equipped professional. 

The American Business School of Paris provides you with a dual recognition diploma, thus offering you a real tool that allows you to differentiate yourself from other candidates. You are prepared throughout your journey to meet the expectations of professionals and to allow businesses to unlock bigger evolution potentials thanks to your exceptionally suitable and market-shaped vision. 

When asked whether the American Business School of Paris is a French or American school, director Fady Fadel has this to say: “Neither! We are an American school by pedagogy, yet our accreditations and our academic system are part of the French Group IGS. The international aspect is engraved in our DNA. Our accredited programs and double diplomas (American and French) are very attractive and reassuring for French and foreigners”. And the recipe certainly does wonders, since the alumni of the school are present in more than forty countries!

You want to pursue an international career and evolve in an exciting environment rich in encounters? Chose the American Business School’s programs and brace for the most stimulating of careers!